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the orthopedic institute in sioux falls was still after me, i guess i still had two ten dollar co-pays. So i called them and paid it over the phone. Talked to sis layton about it and cleared it all up. So finally, i am 100% done with that place!!!!

Well this week has been crazy. Mom brace yourself, okay? On friday I was in a car accident. I was on an exchange in newcastle, wy with elder cooper. I was driving. We were driving out of town a little bit and we came upon this turn that was basically a 180. In wyoming they put this stuff called "Mag Water" on the ground/dirt to make the dirt not collect after a car drives on the dirt. But we turned the corner and hit a patch of loose gravel. No snow on the ground, no ice on the ground. This turn is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. But we lost control because of the loose gravel and fishtailed out and the car actually flipped and we landed upside down in front of someones house. Me & Elder Cooper are perfectly fine. Nothing at all happened to us. We are healthy and strong. My knee is fine. Everything is good. No problems. But, it was the scariest thing ever. I was going under the speed limit. I had taken that dirt road corner atleast 3 times that exchange. But, this time. It wasnt our friend. We ended up on the hood of the car in an embankment next to someones house. There was gas leaking so me and elder cooper just wanted to get the heck out of there. Elder Cooper was laughing at me though... Because I just wanted to get out and was trying to help him out. But, i forgot I was upside down... When I took my seat belt off, I hit it hard. The best part of it all.... The officer in Weston County gave me a ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so mad. He said I was driving too fast for conditions!!!!!! Basically I have a court date in Newcastle on Nov. 24th!! And I have permission from President Layton & our Vehicle Cordinator to fight the ticket. Its either that or pay 60 dollars. Which isnt much. But still!!! I dont deserve a ticket!!! Oh yeah, the best part about it all actually. It happens about FIFTY TIMES A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT THAT CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT HAVE THEY DONE ANYTHING!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO MAD!!!! Elder Hammond is sick of me complaining to everyone about how mad I am. But oh well!! I am so mad!!!! It could have been prevented. The only sign that is there is a right turn sign. There wasnt a slow down turn sign. There wasnt a guard rail. There wasnt jack squat!!!! Ohh momma rudd. Wyoming is about too get a little bit of elder rudd..... :) But just to tell you again. I am 100% fine.So is elder cooper. We didnt even get our suits dirty!! :) But yeah, so you will hear from me mroe about this matter. If you have any questions. I am sure you could call sis layton. But, I plan to be a lawyer next wednesday!! Pictures will be sent so you can see. The people who we landed in front of took us home and all but we were laughing when we got home. "wow that was sure a weird way to go tracting!" :)

But yeah besides that. It has been a great week. The snow is coming down like crazy. We have got a ton of snow. Right now we are in gillette and I am looking outside right now as I type and seeing the white stuff just keep falling and falling and falling!! :) Love it. It probably gets down to about 15 degrees with the wind chill. It isnt too bad. I love it. I love waking up to a brand new patch of snow. It makes me want to jump out of our window into a huge blanket of snow. Whenever me and elder hammond our walking he always gets a snowball thrown at him. :) come on I am from arizona! I need to throw a snow ball! I love it! I love playing with snow. I mad a snowman!! It was a small one but it was awesome!!! It was wearing my cowboy hat!!! :) Cool, I know!

Amazing story. Yesterday at church we had a linger longer (pot luck) but we all had some awesome food and all. Then one of the members daughters came up to us and told us one of her friends wants to be baptized!!! :) Her and Kalli Dalton (member) were talking about temples and everything and she said, "I basically feel that I am mormon, what do I have to do to become a member" and I said "Hello! I am elder rudd!" So awesome! We are so excited. We have a ton of work in wright!!

If me and elder hammond ever get a full week together. We have had tri zones, leaderships exchanges and all this jazz. Me and him have not yet had a full entire week. But It should be soon! I love elder hammond. He is doing such a great job. He struggles sometimes. But I always give him a big hug and let him know how much I love him. He is such a great missionary. Transfer calls are this coming saturday. I really hope I dont get transferred. I love wright. I love my companion. I love the district. But we will see. We are thinking I will stay for atleast one more! Fingers crossed!

This next week me and elder hammond plan to break the record for lessons in wright. We are teaching about 10 investigators right now!!! Michelle Gatenbein, Misty Clark, The Camphouses- Part Member, The Updikes, Tommy Mills, Dani Litaba, Josie (Kalli's Friend) The porters- PM, Chad, The Sutherlands. Jim. and not to mention the frye's.

So it is going really great! Not to mention the twenty less actives we go see. So me and elder hammond have really been having alot of success! We are so close to see people at church. Everyone we teach accepts what we teach. But! Its hard to get them to church. Everyone in that investigator list accepts our doctrine. But we are working hard on them.

The less actives are on their way too. I cant feel like they do. If they have been offended or whatever. It doesnt matter. The church is true right? What else matters? Thats what I think. In the words on my father.

But the members are so awesome in wright. I just love it there. Such a small town I know. But so much going on. I was not lying when I said there is sooooo much work to be done. There is more work to be done here than sheridan or sioux falls. Weird, I know. But the lord is greatly blessing our efforts. Mine and Elder Hammonds new slogan in 100% obedience. We know we will be blessed for our efforts. :)

I am so grateful to be a missionary. I guess I hit my six month mark and you are supposed to burn a tie and all. But, I am good. No worries. I have almost been back three months. I love it. Time flies with the lord on your side!

I have been eating up the book of mormon. I have a new subtitle for the book of mormon. The Testament of Jesus Christ. Not another testament of jesus christ. The testament of Jesus Christ!! Elder Bruce R. McConkie stated, “Men can get nearer to the Lord, can have more of the spirit of conversion and conformity in their hearts, can have stronger testimonies, and can gain a better understanding of the doctrines of salvation through the Book of Mormon than they can through the Bible. … There will be more people saved in the kingdom of God—ten thousand times over—because of the Book of Mormon than there will be because of the Bible.” We have more help. The bible is amazing, read from it, learn from it! The book of mormon is the word of god, read, study, pray about it. Know for assurety it is written to bless us every single day! It is all true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the gospel!!!

I am feeling wonderful. Perfectly fine. Alot better than last week. I am so good. I love it all. Today me and elder oborn start our exchange in wright. Elder Hammond will stay in gillette with elder hardwick. So it will be fun me and oborn. I love the guy.

Mom, I am so excited to hear how your new job is going. I thank heavenly father every second I get for the blessings he has bestowed upon my family. I am so grateful for my family and all that I have. For my Mom and Dad for their wonderful choices in life that brought them together and sealed for time and all eternity. I was thinking the other day. I think we are the only people who believe in fairy tales. Only we believe in forever. I love that!!! Keep living the fairy tale!! My brother and many sisters for all they are for me. For our strong family and the strength they are to me. I was brought up in a family from day one that had a "sure foundation" as it states in Helamen 5:12, "a foundation, whereon men build, they CANNOT FALL" What a promise. The lord is our foundation. I know that my family has been built upon that foundation. Have we ever fell? No. Has there been things thrown at us a few curveballs. You better believe it! But we built on christ. And we will not fall. What a blessing it is in my lfie to hear the counsel of my family. Especially my parents. For all they do for me. I know my mom taught me to care sincerely for those around you and I can look someone in the eyes and tell them, I love you and want the best for you. Because I do. From my dad i learned how to serve. I know I never did it like him, I will never do it like him. I wish I could be a quarter of the man he is. But, I learned the principle behind why? why do we serve? It doesnt get us anything mosiah 2:17 states: "when you are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your god"

What a wonderful blessing to know. I would be nothing without my savior jesus christ. What a wonderful blessing it is to know of his love and his support of the work. I work hand in hand with my savior. He is my redeemer and my helper. I love this work and am so grateful to serve. Elder Wilkinson goes home on thursday and it will be very hard to see him go. Thats one of the hardest thing to cope with is to see some of your best friends go home after you have been such good friends. But the gospel is still true and i love it all!

Be still and know that god lives and he is all powerful. Whenever life gets hectic. Slow down and look around and re focus. We all have alot going on. But fit the important things in first. What matters most?

I really do appreciate the letters I know its hard to sit down and write a letter to a deprived missionary who is in the middle of a blizzard in wright, wy. Dont worry about it I am fine. But if you get a chance. i always really enjoy a letter. nothing is better to see a envelope with your name on it and you know there is something good inside. So if you get a chance it would be great. But if you dont I understand as well.

The church is true. Simple as that. The book of mormon is the word of god. Read it. Pray about it. We have a prophet on the earth, listen to his counsel. Jesus Christ leads our church, why be afraid of what to come. If we are following the commandments and following the counsel of our prophet ye shall not fear.

I love you all very much.
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
DL, Wirght, Wy District
Gillette, Wy Zone
Rapid City, South Dakota Mission
P.O. Box 701
Wright, Wy 82732
The Dang loose gravel

Upside down

Right side up again...
Me and Elder Cooper where we landed
Our car outside our apartment. Lots of snow.

Me and Elder Hammonds

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