Monday, November 22, 2010

Staying in Wright

Hey ya'll, (I'm not in texas I just wanted to say that)
Well news news news. I bet you are all wondering. Is Elder Rudd staying in Wright, Wyoming? Is he? Is he? Transfer Calls were saturday morning about eight o' clock and the phone rang.... My zone leader was calling me to tell me he was getting transfered, because of course ELDER RUDD IS STAYING IN WRIGHT WYOMING ATLEAST TIL JANUARY 1ST!!! I am so excited. Me and Elder Hammond are way excited. I am very happy! So in two weeks we make the trek to Martins Cove down by Casper. We are way excited. I love wright and am very greatful to be here for my third transfer here. I love wright. I am so excited. Our district and zone got changed up a little bit. Elder Wilkinson went home from his mission and guess who is replacing him... Elder Cameron from Sioux Falls!! I am so excited now that Elder Cameron is in my district!!! I love elder cameron. Cameron was the elder that his comp elder gregerson left him. But now he is in Gillette 4th ward with Elder Richardson. I love it! Newcastle didnt change still Elder Boehme and Elder Cooper, elder cooper wasnt happy. Oh well. Sad news is that elder oborn got transfered :( But only to rapid city. But Elder Foulger replaced him, he's from Mesa and went to Mountain View. He's awesome. I am way excited that he is my zone leader. Because of course the best part of waking up is elder foulger, he is coming down from Sheridan. I am way excited. This transfer will be alot of fun.
Lets get to the weather. It is amazingly cold. My brother in washington has nothing on me. Last night for example it poured down SEVEN INCHES OF SNOW!!! Its crazy! We couldnt go to gillette we had to stay in wright. We helped Lance Mowers sister, Jennifer and her daughter move into lances place today we moved here from gillette. So that was our P-day! Thats why the email is a little late. We have been helping them move since seven this morning. The fushion got stuck in the snow at lances place too. We didnt dare try to drive it. I am very very cautious about that. Elder Hammond wanted to try it, I told him my dear friend, this is alot different than Utah snow. Lance drove us to Gillette today and we were passing so many little cars off the side of the road. I really wish the church would give us trucks or something to help with the snow. SO much black ice. Its crazy. But I drive no more than ten miles an hour through town. Or else we would be off the road. We had to shovel the car out today to go anywhere. I told elder hammond. Time for you to get some boots my friend. Because we will be walking most of these days. Man its crazy. Today the tempature the high is 14 and the low is -1 and wright now as I am typing it is seven degrees. This week it is going to get to about -25 with wind chill. Super cold. I cant wait til the snow goes. I like it for a while but when it comes seven inches at a time its not too much fun. So yes, weather cold. Snow stuff, I would like maybe some other gloves I have two but the cloth ones arent the best they do okay but maybe some gloves that our thin that are insulated of some sort. Both gloves are good. Just for dress some thin insulated would be nice. The boots are awesome. I love my boots. Everything from pomeroys is doing great. I am proud of my pomeroys. I am doing great with it all. I havent yet put my big coat on yet. But soon it will be time for it.
For the driving part. I am still allowed to drive since it wasnt my fault and there was nothing I could of done to prevent it. But, I am no longer going to court because it would have been such a hastle. The only reason I got a ticket was so that the county didnt get sued. But, I just paid the ticket because it was ridiculous. I just wanted to be done with it. I wanted to go to court I was pumped. But I have more important work to be done. I swear president layton is like this kid is trouble. Oh well. :) The funny part about you guys is that I wanted to send the pictures before the email. But I actually sent the email about four hours before the pictures. :) I love you guys. Okay what is with the "oh my gosh becky, look at those pictures." ?? Is it from the baby got back song? MAybe? I dont understand.
Thanksgiving, we have about 8 offers for thanksgiving. So, we might hit all of them. :) But Gene and Nancy Hanson are having us offer. We are excited for the holidays. They will be wonderful. Just to let you know we will have a WHITE christmas. Speaking of christmas. I will be able to Skype. The heimdales in the ward have two computers with skype so me and elder hammond both plan to skype. His family is going to get skype just for it. Way cool. If they have any questions let them know all about it.
I would like to commend my wonderful letter writers today for there blessed generosity. I was kinda bummed last week didnt do too well with letters, elder hammond has the greeny letter supply. But today I received a package from you guys, from kymber, letter from brynae and the lewis's and from my dear brother in washington. Elder hammond got two packages. We are so happy today. Havent opened them up so sorry cant tell you whats in them. We have decided to give service EVERY pday now. :) I love it.
We do have a carbon monoxide detector in our apartment we check it monthly. But more could not hurt. Thank you very much mom. I thought i told you that I got my sweaters, maybe not sorry. I got them. I might need a heavier one though they are pretty thin. But for now they do okay. I had to sew the grey one the pocket ripped. I plan on sewing a ER in it for elder rudd. I have become quite the sewer. I am proud of my work. Every gives me their stuff to sew. Suprising i Know. But i did a master job on one of my pants. I love it. The black pants I have had for like what 6 years they split and I sewed them up like 2 months ago have not had a problem ever. CTR Clothing. If any one who reads this wants to know where to go its all CTR clothing. I know I worked their. But more and more elders are having ctr because it withstands it all. I am not kidding.
The church will continue to persecuted and persecuted. We as missionaries will continue to be mocked and persecuted. But NOTHING can stop the work from progressing.
Remember the words from our dear prophet Joseph Smith:
“The Standard of Truth has been erected; no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine and armies may assemble BUT the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done.”
are we persecuted? Have their been mobs against the church? Hmmm. Nothing can stop it. DO NOT fear. Our savior is leading our church. "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear" Love it.
In the famous quotes of my father: "the church is true, what else matters?" I think many people in wright have heard that phrase. Live it and Love it.
I love talking to people from other religions its awesome. We are teaching catholics, seventh day adventists, jehoavahs witnesses, lutheran, methodist and a unitarian.
Mom, you will have success. Bear your testimony with the spirit. You are the lords instrument. You dont have to teach the spirit does.
We tracted into a guy named Jim Rodriguez. I know Jim Rodriguez i thought it was weird. But awesome guy an entire family. Let us right in and had a wonderful discussion. I love wright. Because everyone knows eachother! I swear its so cool. Everyone knows gene hanson and bishop bertagnole. We get into alot of doors thanks to them. :) I love it. But Jim and his wife loved our message. They are catholic and accepted a book of mormon. Jim made the mistake it was awesome. we were asking him about work and all he works in the oild fields but he was saying yeah, I have alot of time on my hands out there. I thought to myself and looked at elder hammond and in my head was like "Muahahahaha" But gave him a book of mormon and said he would read it. I love it. While we were over there some crazy pshycic lady sent them a picture of a crying blood mother mary and they were superstitous and all and didnt want to throw it away because on the back said "dont throw this away because it will be bad luck. I took it and ripped it up and threw it away. I told them I wasnt superstituous. I am the lords servant. :) But it was funny. They were so thankful to have me take it. It was creepy looking. But we replaced it with our pass along card. Its awesome. Everyone we see or less active has our pass along cards and book of mormons. We are flooding wright at least with the gospel. I love it!
I just want to let you all know, I am a wyoming cowboy. :) I love wyoming. Guess who else is coming to gillette to be a DL with me. Elder Dizzy Davis from Sheridan! Its a reunion. Elder Hilbun is in Capser as a ZL. And elder davis is in gillette. The church is true. :) I love this work so much. Today has been such an awesome day. Tonight is the high school play for the school. We are way excited. We get to see the real actors in wright. Way cool. I really love this place. I cant wait to show all you guys my little treasure. And I mean little. :)
I will be hear to the first of january. I am thinking that will be my move date. Just hearing the buzz around the mission. Sounds like that might be the day. But! I hope I can stay as long as they will let me.
I love you all so much and am so thankful for the prayers in my behalf. I know alot of us need to improve on our missionary work. We all know this is the true church. Please give others the chance to know too. I am thankful for all of you who are serving in your callings. Being in wyoming. Is such a blessing to know what is feels like to be in a ward with about 200 every sunday. We will be teaching gospel principles every sunday now to help some less actives come back. They hate gospel doctrine. So we will do it!
I know that satan is after every single missionary who is out serving. We are 53,000 strong.
Nothing will ever get me more choked up then to hear 3,000 missionaries sing loud and proud
"we are now the lords missionaries, to bring the world his truth"
I Am now the lords missionary to bring the world his truth" (Even if their is only 1300 people to bring it too) You better believe every one of those people will hear it.
I love you all very much. Know that this is the truth. If you dont. Read and Pray. Ask god the eternal father if its true. Its that simple. Know that the book of mormon is the word of god. It doesnt take away from the bible at all. Its another testament of jesus christ.
Know that I know of this work with assurety. I know this is the true church.
Be safe. And be thankful to have a testimony of the truth of jesus christ. Have a wonderful thanksgiving. I love you all. Can you put the smell of mom's rolls in a jar for me?
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
District Leader, Wright Wyoming
Gillette, Wyoming Zone
South Dakota Rapid City Mission
P.O. Box 701
Wright, WY 82732
Pictures next week hopefully if we can drive to gillette.

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