Monday, April 2, 2012

Email 4.1.12

Great email lots of good things happening. Sounds like a party right now. You couldnt wait to have a party when the actual party gets home. Alright, Alright I see how it is! But yeah, Sounds super fun.
Conference was amazing wow. Many answers to prayers were there. I did see David Archuletta in the choir. Some of the priests showed me at culvers after the session. They said he is going to Chile on his mission. I am happy to see that and I admire that alot.
I love this church so much.
Crazy experience this week. James Hill is amazing. We had an incredible experience with him. James was talking about his ailments and his injuries and his diabetes. He has lost a couple of toes from infections and all. But he said you know never in my life have I felt that the lord will heal me but right now I feel like the lord will for some reason. Me and Elder Ellefsen look at each other and we open up to James where it says call upon the elders of my church to annoit thy head with oil and bless you. So we told him that we are those elders and we can do that and he got a big smile on his face and started to cry and said Elders please do so. So I was able to give him a blessing and be awesome. The blessing said he would be healed through his faith. We knew James had faith. We knew we had faith for him to be healed. We went to the hospital the next day and James was sitting in his hospital bed and as we walked into the room he started to cry. We shared a tender moment. James told us that the doctor came in and said that the toe did not need to be cut off the infection was gone and that he did not need surgery. We were able to see a miracle of our heavenly father. It was incredible.
I have alot more to share and talk about but I want to wait and share. All is going well on my end. We have ALOT happening this week! ZLC tomorrow and tuesday then the start of transfer boards and then district meeting and then packing up and transfers next week. Things are getting crazy!! I love you all so much!

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