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Well to start of HOLY BUCKETS WE HAD A BAPTISM!!! Rosie Rodriguez was baptized on saturday!! She had told us that the family in the 6th ward that she wanted to be here was gone and after we looked into it a little bit we found out that they were still in town and called her and said "rosie the olsens are in town we could do your baptism tomorrow if you still want to she was crying and telling me that their is alot of family issues going on right now. Then got a call later that day about 5 o'clock and she said "LETS DO IT TOMORROW" So at 730 at the stake center that night she was interviewed by our district leader Elder Woffinden and then at 7 O'clock pm the next day she was baptized by some guy named Elder Rudd and then on sunday was confirmed by Brother Olsen in the 6th Ward!! :)))))))) sO EXCITING. Probably the best weekend of my mission ever!!! Diana Orellana (4th ward spanish investigator) was baptized last sunday the 15th and was confirmed on sunday the 22nd. Because we have to do convert confirmations on sundays. But holy buckets!! She had me to the confirmation too. So on Saturday i got to baptize Rosie and on sunday I got to stand in the circle when rosie was confirmed and then I got to Confirm Diana! Holy Buckets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love being a missionary!! It was such a good week!!! Pictures are being sent by the way!!

Well holy buckets elder valentine went home how weird is that. I have about as much time as he had when he was in mesa. I bet that was a way good visit. I really liked those two Elders. I would of loved to serve with Either one of them. Elder Horrocks reminds me alot of Elder Valentine actually. But those two Elders will have to come down and visit some more. I really enjoy it all. i love doing what we do. I could knock on doors all day long. :) Really I could. Not when I am not a missionary. There is bunch of guys here doing the security systems and they knock like 12 hours a day. NO WAY!

Last night was a blast. We had planned a Night with the Bunns. Investigator family that dad (jeremy) cant give up word of wisdom. And because of word of wisdom issues he has minor concerns like Prophets, Tattoos, Teleprompters in Conference. They whole family wants to be baptized but they are all waiting on Jeremy. Mariah (mom) has gotten rid of her piercings has gotten rid of all her teas and cleaned up so crazy awesome. Her girls are starting to dress more modestly. But we had a food night planned that I came in and cooked!! By the way I am known in the mission as two things "Papa Rudd" and "Elder that flipped car" But Papa Rudd because I cook so much. But for the bunns I bough some 56 cent pizza dough made that up and made pizza's and calzones for the bunns oh man so good!!! I was so proud of my food. They ask me who taught you? I said momma dont raise no fool. I love to cook so much. I am exactly like you mom. I love it. I love seeing others enjoy it. I tell ya momma. We will have to do a Iron Chef Cook- Off when I get home. I have honed my skills and am pretty proud of my skills. Your going down! :) I love you though! But it was a blast and while we were cooking got to talk about so much with them. I made some killer pizzas and they were dying over how well I knew how to cook. I told them I didnt get this big from cereal and mac and cheese. :)

Elder Horrocks is from Pocatello, Idaho. He is so awesome. He was in band in High School called the Ice Cold Crickets. :) Crazy huh! He is way awesome though I love Elder Horrocks. The zone is doing so well. I am going to be really bummed if I get transferred which probably is going to happen!! :( I love casper so much. But the bummer thing is!! ITS STILL SNOWING SOME DAYS!!! one day will be 75 degrees beautiful two days later. 30 degrees snowing! I am like come on!! Give me a Break!!!

When Bishop Linford announced that I would be confirming Diana on Sunday he said and "Bishop Rudd will be confirming Diana today" Everyone was just dying laughing and he did not catch on. So I have been recruiting counselors and Elders Quorm President for the Casper 1st 1/2 Ward. It was way funny. He still hasnt caught on.

The Linfords. Bishop's Son and Daughter in law that I told you about last week are getting a Divorce and she is taking the kids and moving to Colorado. :( So sad. She is a little mentally crazy and we feel so bad for the whole family.

Lavaughn Bushmaker- She should be getting baptized soon. She will not decide on a date. So we are meeting with her on thursday and going to try and resolve any concerns at all with her. Hopefully set a date. :)

I love the gospel so much. I cant imagine my life without it. I would not have all that the lord has given me for sure. I am a child of god and the lord has sent me here to Casper, Wyoming and to the South Dakota Rapid City Mission because he loves me and loves those who I am to touch and see. I love you all so much. never forget THE CHURCH IS TRUE.... WHAT ELSE MATTERS!!!

I love you

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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