Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Email 5.31


What a great week. The casper zone is on fire! We just topped and destroyed some records. We taught so many lessons this week. It was awesome! We are very very excited to start this new month tomorrow and start on our new goals!! :) We are so excited. Good stuff going on. I am starting to get really sad when i am starting to realize in three weeks I will most likely not be in casper anymore. it is such a bummer. i love casper so much. It is a great place to serve and have so many wonderful relationships with people here. I love casper so much. I have learned so much here and the casper zone is like my baby I dont want any body else to have it. :) So what I am selfish its a good selfish. :)

Sunday- me and elder horrocks were asked to speak in sacrament. We spoke on the natural man. It was definitely an interesting topic to speak on. We were trying to find out how we could speak on it without rebuking the entire ward. It was an awesome sunday though. We had cheri brantley come to church. Cheri is an awesome lady she has a ton of health problems but she will be baptized. I am so grateful to her she has taught me so much about life and just everything in general. Usaully about once or twice a week we go over and walk with her around her trailer park and it has been very good. Our talks went very well and she really enjoyed them. :) Our ward mission leader brother hadsell blessed his baby and asked us to be in the circle to bless the new baby. :) So much good happening. I love it all.

Well on P-day yesterday we had a crazy day. At 9 am we had a breakfast with the burgess family in the ward, they are so cool. We had chocolate gravy. My second time having it. It is crazy!!! I love it though. Its made with like 4 sticks of butter, cocoa, creme thats it! Crazy stuff!!! But its so heavy. I could only eat two mini waffles of the stuff. But woah. i sent a pic home of it.

Next week we are heading to Rapid for Zone Leader Council again. It is really needed. It is such a spiritual re charge for all of us. Most Zl's call in zone leader retreat. But I am so excited to be with President and Sister Layton and to hear their council and advice.
I am now a homeade pizza officianto. :) I love cooking! :) I have set up dinner appointments where I am the one cooking. :) It has been alot of fun.

I have come to realize alot on my mission of how the gospel has strengthened me and my family. the foundation that all of us want in our lives only comes through the savior jesus christ and no one else. The gospel is true .. what else matters. brothers and sisters open your eyes and your ears and most of all your hearts. the truth stands before us all. We have this message, Embrace it. love it. Learn of it.

I did get the package. I loved it! I do need more stamps though if you could. :) Please. Tell ryan his long awaited letter is in the mail. Please tell people to write me. I am getting mail pretty good. but I always enjoy more. I love the gospel so much.

Its all true.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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