Monday, May 16, 2011

New Companion

Hey Hey Hey

Well I am so excited to have my new companion Elder Horrocks! I love the guy. Well this week has been nothing but busy busy busy. Havent had time to do much work this week yet because of the transfers and all the business that has been going on. But I sure am having a good time. I am so relaxed! I finally get to be myself now. I finally get to let my hair down again. Me and Elder Horrocks are getting along so well. its awesome. Tomorrow we have zone conference in casper for just the casper zone. Me and Elder Horrocks are giving a training and President and Sister Layton. It will be way good. We are excited. I love zone conference. It looks like most likely that I will be transferred to gillette at the end of this transfer. We will see though. I am not sure. But about 95% sure.

I am glad to hear that you are all getting some rest from thing 1 and thing 2. I miss those two so much. I want to squeeze them so bad. I love those cuties! I loved hearing from them and seeing their cute faces on sunday. I cant believe that riley is getting so big! She is such a big girl! :)

So crazy crazy crazy. Last night at our dinner appointment sis linford (bishop linfords daughter in law) fed us and she told us that she realized that the church was not for her and she took off her garments!!!!!!!! Me and Elder Horrocks were baffled. She believes the church is true still just wants to drink and wants to do whatever she wants.

Brothers and Sisters. Yes we have a lot of rules. But we have a lot of rules to keep us safe!!! We would not have these things if heavenly father did not love us and I promise you that he knows what is best for us! :) I love the gospel. i love it so much. It is a protection it is a comfort. I am so lucky to be a member of this church. i love all that the gospel is and I know it is true!!

The gospel is true what else matters!

It is going to be short one today. Dont have much to say other than what I mean the most I love you

I love you all

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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