Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter


First off did you happen to get my package? I saw basically the same box was shipped back to me in your easter box. But I have been freaking out about this box. I sent it march 15th and havent heard anything about it from you all so give me a quick line letting me know yay or nay.

Great News ELDER LAUFENBERG FINALLY GOT HIS VISA!!! We are driving to Wright today. President is going to be in Wright to do an interview for baptism so we are dropping him off in wright. We are leaving here in about an hour or two. But it is soooo crazy. I got to train Elder Laufenberg and have a ton of fun with the guy. We have been in a tri-panionship for about 3 months. It will be wayyy weird without him being here but life goes on. We are so excited for him though. We got a call yesterday fro President and when we went home we broke out the sparkling cider and went crazy. it was a blast though. Wayy cool. But his voyage leaves on wednesday from rapid and then flies to denver then to houston then to Sau Paulo, Brazil!!! We are so excited for him, but we will miss him alot.

But easter was lots of fun. The primary asked us to dress up as peter james and john. I was peter, elder laufenberg was james and hardwick was john. It was alot of fun. Way spiritual. We told our account of the easter story in their eyes. We ate dinner over at Bishop Linfords home. It was a massive feast. It was sooooooo good though. Man! We pigged out. So good. P.s. I love potato salad. We spent alot of easter getting laufenberg ready to leave but it was good. Also we had an easter egg hunt and I won! I beat a two year old. Oh yeah! :)

Kassie Walters got baptized on saturday and wanted me to speak at her baptism on the holy ghost so we gladly ablidged. They are such a fun family. The walters are such great people. We ate over at their house on saturday night and I love hanging out with them. they are someone you will all have to definitly have to meet! Big fans of the walter family!! It was so good though. We had a couple investigators there. Great great great day!

Lavonne will definitly have to be baptized before the wedding so we are working on her getting baptized sometime in may probably like the 21st. Way cool though. She is doing awesome. Way solid. Has her own set of scriptures and all.

I loved the package! It was awesome. Elder Hardwick and Laufenberg thought you were telling me something by the whole get back to work stuff. I told them it was for them. We taught 30 lessons this last week. I TOTALLY INVITED SOMEONE TO BE BAPTIZED ON THEIR DOORSTEP!!!!! It was insane! I loved it! But she said no but didnt say absolutely no so yeah baby! In the words of my greenie "yeah buddy"

our zone is awesome!!!!!!!! We taught 210 lessons as a zone!!!! We taught 135 to investigaors!!! We are doing so awesome. got a call from president saying we are leading the whole midwest for zone reports. It was sooooo good to hear that, i started crying. My focus as a leader is to make sure my elders and sisters are doing better each week and feeling the love that not only I have for them but especially the love their savior has for them. I love being a leader not for recognition not because alot of the fun things we get to do. But I love being a leader to help those who need that help. I love this gospel their is nothing better than it. I dare someone to try and tell me otherwise.

Church is at 9 in casper 1st ward. So we go from 9-12 and so lets plan one o clock mesa time. Which is two o'clock Wyoming. That whole daylight savings is just stupid!

Sounds like things are going really really good at home. I love it so much. Did you happen to talk to uncle kelly about the guy in the ward here?

Still dont know if Elder Rudd will stay in wyoming very much longer! He could be heading somewhere else. Stay tuned in! :)

We have ZLC next monday and tuesday so I will be emailing from Gillette, Wyoming.

This is the gospel. It is true. DONT YOU EVER DOUBT IT OR DENY IT! This is the true church of jesus christ. Please do not ever forget that!

I love you all sooo much.

I want to have alot to talk about on sunday!! i am excited to talk to you all.

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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