Monday, April 18, 2011

Email 4.18

But yeah, We have been super super crazy busy. Elder Laufenberg is still here in Casper. I love this guy. But he is doing such an awesome job. I dont want him to leave. Any day now he will get his call. I was on an spilt with a new member in our ward and we found out that he speaks Porteguese. So elder laufenberg is going to go over to his house a couple times a week and talk with him. Elder Laufenberg is a kid in a candy store when he heard that.

Also guess what! We were visiting some Less Actives that Bishop Linford wanted us to go and see and guess who I ran into. A guy by the name of Gary Hansen. He told me he lived in Vancouver, Washington. I told him I have family up there and he asked me who. first I said Floyd and Colleen smith and he said no. Then I said Kelly and Jodee Smith and he said "the chiropractor?" I said ya!!! Turns out Gary Hansen was in Uncle Kellys ward and was pretty good friends with him. They went to Ty's Homecoming and all. it was crazy!!!!! I was like wow! Thats way cool. The world keeps getting smaller and smaller.

Our Zone is ON FIRE!!! We led the mission for all 22 weeks I have been in casper!!!!! It is so awesome!!! We taught a total of 190 lessons as a zone!!! 190!!! 119 of those to Investigators!!! It was awesome!!!!!!!! Oh yeah!! We had three baptisms this past week to for our zone. Someone cool off these Missionaries because they are on fire!!!!!!! I love the work that they are doing though. We are so proud of all of them so much!!!

For the 1st Ward. Oh man someone try and put out the fire. I DARE YA! We have been trying to relay to all our missionaries our purpose to INVITE INVITE INVITE! So we are setting the example. Inviting everyone to be baptized. Its like the best two years. "Elder Rudd and Elder Hardwick invited 97 people" Not that much but man!!! Its awesome. We have caught the fire. We now have 4 on date for baptism. Ed Tucker for april 30th (which we will probably have to set back a little bit due to understanding but he is getting baptized) Rosie Rodriguez (may21st) She was at church on sunday and loved it! So good! But she is way excited. Charly (may 14th) he still needs to get married and all. But we might have to push it back some due to that. But he will be baptized!!! And our new person is Lavaugh Bushmaker. She is engaged to Brother Romero in the ward. (Brother Romero was married to Sis. Bertanogle's (wright) sister and she died from breast cancer 6 months ago) so he is getting married to Lavaughn on July 2nd. She wants to wait til after the baptism. But everyone else wants her to get baptized sooner. So we will work on that for sure. But holy moly! We got a run away train here. These elders are on fire!! :)

I totally Wish that Elder Hammond was still my companion. I love that guy. I know me and him are going to be friends for a long time. I love him man! He is one of those elders that like after the mission when he gets home he comes down and stays and is like my best bud. He is! But yeah! I love that kid!

there is a 12 year old boy who was baptized about two years ago by some elders all alone. Not his parents or grandparents or brothers or sisters just himself all alone. It was tough for him but we are reaching out to him right now and trying to help him come back to church. His name is Brandon Wilson and we stopped by there on saturday and he was outside shooting hoops and we started playing with him and it totally made his day. Man! I wish I had a little brother. It was so cool. He came to church on sunday too. When he got there he ran up to me and was like man yesterday was the coolest thing in the world. We totally kicked the other elders butts! Such a cool kid. He wants us to perform in the Talent show with him too. So that will be interesting. I am the host of the talent show so we will see. But It was just an awesome experience to see that.

Tomorrow we have President Layton coming down to do a Specialized training for our zone. Me and Elder Hardwick are instructing about Invitations to be baptized. Then president told me he said "well you elders do that and I will instruct on something that i feel impressed on" I love that man so much. I am so lucky to have one Mission President my entire mission. SPeically President Layton. I was talking to him the other day and he told me now you know you are going to have to come and see the Gila Valley Temple right? I said yes. "Well when you and your wife come up, I know of a great bed and breakfast in Thatcher and a great cook and the grill. I love this guy. I am so taking him up on that too. A bunch of us plan to go to their homecoming in thatcher.

But wow! HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO MOM, WHITNEY, CHELSEY, BRYLEE (KYMBERS SISTER) AND KIRK!! I love all of you very much!! You are so awesome all of you!

Transfer calls are on MAy7th. Mothers day is may 8th. and if I do get transferred I will leave on MAy 9th. and when we skype on mothers day you will know if I am staying or going. So that works out perfectly. I already have a member in the 1st ward who will let us. SO it will be good stuff.

I love the "no talking DJ" Everyone always wants me to do my Radio Voice. its funny. I miss being a DJ. its a ton of fun. But I am glad my No talk partner will do it too! Good job kirk! Remember kirk you got to get out there and do the Cha Cha Slide. :) Total Package Entertainment Rule #1 HAve fun while you are doing it.

Everyone of my companions have asked me why I am so charitable. why i do their laundry why I do the dishes this and that, I always tell them because of my parents. I have not met two more charitable people on this earth than you two. FOr the dishes part. I tell them you have no idea how many dishes I have washed!!! :) But thank you for always being that example.

Easter is this week! Yay! We get to dress up as disciples and go into primary and teach the children. We are so excited. But easter. Hmmmm. Spices would be awesome for easter. Some orbit white gum would be awesome. Walmart gift cards. Really whatever elder rudd loves. :) Some hichews would be good too.

I love all of you so very much. I cant wait to hear and see all of you. Remember this easter season. I love you very much.


Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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