Monday, April 11, 2011

ZLC Meeting

Well gosh darn I seriously thought that we were out of the snow. But Wyoming Weather reared its dumb head again. We got about 5 inches over the weekened! It was wet snow so it all melted off. But gosh darn. We woke up and were like what! It was crazy. But yes!
ZOne LEader Council was awesome. We spent the two days at the mission home and had a blast. Mom, I sent you a recipe for one of the best mexican salads I have ever had its a cornbread salad and holy buckets it was awesome. Also sister layton makes this buttermilk syrup is to die for. But yes. It was a dang long trip!!! Me and Elder Hardwick drove up to Gillette sunday night got to gillette about 8 o'clock and stayed with the zl's there. Woke up did a little bit of shopping and then took off to rapid city. Got to rapid at about 3 and then played some ball. Then went to the mission home and had our zlc for two days and then at about 2 on tuesday we took off to gillette again and did some housekeeping things there and then we had to stop in wright!!! Yay. I got to see the daltons! Since they closed the wright area for missionaries we took some of the stuff for the glenrock area and ourselves. It was so good to be in wright again. But Dakota Dalton got his mission call going to South Africa! Then after we were done in wright we took off to douglas, wy and stayed the night with the elders there and then woke up the next day and headed to casper. Didnt get to casper until like 2 in the afternoon. We were so darn tired. But it was a great trip.
Me and Elder HArdwick decided to start a new thing in casper. District Leader Council and we had our three district leaders: Elder Stucki (DOuglas) ELder Woffinden (Capser 3rd ward) Elder Call (Casper 6th ward) I made breakfast and we all had a good time. ME and ELder Hardwick bought a huge huge huge white board. It was actually a shower board that works as a white board and all. It was massive. It was 8 foot by 4 foot. We have our area on one and our Zone on the other and we had all of our DL's over and were able to have a great face to face meeting and were able to train them on leadership.
Awesome news this week along with ED tucker for on date April 30th. We extended two more invites for baptism. One for Charly Unegsk he accpeted!!!!!!! MAy 14th is his date for baptism!!! Another is Rosie Rodriguez! She is a part member that we helped paint there entire inside of their house and we invited her and she is being baptized May 21st!! :) So holy buckets!! Alot of the work we have been doing in our area is weeding our the tares alot of the elders in the area just saw alot of not progressing people and we either invite them to be baptized or they drop us so its been going AWESOME!
We got a call from the assistants and they told us that we found 162 new investigators as a mission in one week. President Laytons goal has been 150 and we havent ever reached it but guess what!!! We did!! President Layton was in tears last night. The work is going awesome. We heard at ZLC that the Rapid City South Dakota Mission is beating the other 20 missions around them. That includes the Minnesotta, Iowa, Nebraska, Montana, Colorado, Illinois, Oklahoma and all. We have the least amount of missionaries and we are doing AWESOME! :)
I cant believe that it is almost easter! Time just flies! :) But yes. I am so happy for the success here. I love this work!!!
I love you all so much. I am trying to write out things to email But I love you all!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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