Monday, April 4, 2011

Awesome Conference

FYI Daylight savings happened a couple weeks ago I am back an hour ahead of ya'll.
What an awesome weekend. We are in gillette right now and in a couple hours we are heading to rapid city for ZLC. Elder Hardwick is a great guy. I have really enjoyed just the last week with him. Me and Elder Hilbun had alot of rough times. it was a tough couple of transfers with that guy. But Elder Hardwick and Myself are alot alike and we are working really hard. We had a rough week last week. We spent like the whole week moving in the Glenrock Elders. We drove back and forth to glenrock about 5 times one day. Its about 30 miles out of casper. It was crazy! But it has been alot of fun.
ED TUCKER! 87 YEARS OLD! IS ON DATE FOR APRIL 30TH!!! So crazy!! We are so stoked! He is excited too. Everyone in our zone has someone on date but one. It has been alot of fun!! So exciting.
Sister Hunt is in Gillette 1st ward and she is actually a Mesa Jack Rabbit!! Me and some of the Toros were giving her a hard time but, she is actually cousins to the Sabins. Kristen and Amy and all them. She is their cousins. So it was pretty cool to talk with her about all that she was down at our last bi-zone in Casper. But yes she is here in Gillette and Actually sitting right next to me.
HOLY BUCKETS! I got hit with the spiritual hammer for the last couple days just to let you know. Conference is so amazing!! I love hearing the prophet speak!! AND the new temple announced in Fort Collins, CO is now the closest to Casper, WY. Its only about 2 1/2 hours away now rather than 4 hours to billings, MT or Denver, CO. So exciting. It is amazing to see so many rejoice in the coming of a temple so close to them. The lord is alive in wyoming and all over the world. NOTHING can stop his work from progressing.
But conference was amazing I couldnt take notes quick enough. President Monson is a spiritual giant. I wish I could explain in words how my testimony was strenghtened and just exploded from the spiritual power of that man. When president monson was telling us of his love for us. On your mission the relationship that you have with the savior jesus christ and heavenly father will never be the same. When I was set apart I was set apart AWAY from the world. I have a bubble around me and as long as I am doing what I am doing right the lords power and strength will be with me. I have been called to serve for the lord. In every way I am a personal representative of jesus christ. In every way ALL of us are personal representatives of jesus christ. Let us always live worthy of that calling.
It started to heat up here in casper it was 76 degrees the other day but just like wyoming weather "wait 5 minutes it will change" The next morning we woke up to 5 inches of snow. I am like COME ON! This is just ridiculous! But the weather is so gorgeous and so green and AWESOME.
Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us. We have to be the ones to achieve what he knows of our potential. Sometimes prayers are answered through other people or through others actions. People are waiting for us to act and answer their prayers. Please remember who each and every one of you are you are a chosen son or daughter of god here on this earth for a reason not by happen stance but for a reason straight from heavenly father. Please dont give in to temptation. please dont let satan win and let him bring you down to gulf of misery and endless woe. (hel 5:12) We are here and we are THE ARMY OF GOD. Imagine what we can do with that power. We are all given that. All of us are. USE IT. We can combat satan. The war in going on today good vs evil. Wrong vs Right. CTR! Choose the Right. We must do what heavenly father wants. We must do what he needs. we are called today to help him. Please help him. No time in the world is more important than now. Our brothers and sisters are out their. They are searching for truth. They are searching for help. HELP THEM.
Today my heart is so full for my love of my heavenly father and Jesus Christ. We all have that help, will we use it. I know that My redeemer lives. I know that he loves me and guides me in all that I do. Let him guide you.
alot of our work as Zone Leaders is to help our zone. Every week that our zone tops us. Every week that we fall to the bottom of the zone we are so excited!!! Weird huh? We are called as zone leaders to help the other 8 Areas in our zone to improve and succeed. This last week was a tough week. But we will rebound and we will climb back to where we need to be. When you are a zone leader their really isnt a senior companion you are both equals. But for me being in the area longer yes, I am somewhat in charge. Which really isnt much because we are equal.
Well I know that some birthdays are coming up this month and one in 10 days. :)
So many families in casper want to meet Momma Rudd. I talk alot about my Momma because I love my momma. She is the light in my life and keeps me going. :)
I am so grateful to both of you mom and Dad for all you do for me and the guidance throughout my life that I feel from you. You two are my greatest examples on this earth. I think of it as a Mission Companionship. the two of you together complete one another. Momma, you have so much love and so much care for EVERYONE no one is left out of your care and comfort what a wonderful Christ like attribute. Dad when I study preach my gospel and look up the word humility and dilligence I have written all over the margins "my dad" because I have never seen someone work so hard and so humble to love and help everyone that you meet. Dad you are a Latter Day Saint, what a great christlike attribute. Both of you together the words to best describe you two is Service and Love. Be strong and continue in this work and many marvelous and wonderful blessings will unfold to that which you stand in need of. Remember that and cherish that.
I know that I said alot today but please read over what I said because it really means alot to me. This gospel is my life this work is my life and I want all others to feel of the blessings that are being poured out and the windows of heaven are opening and my understanding and my love for my savior has increased so much.
I love you all so very much.
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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