Monday, December 12, 2011

Email 12.11.11

Hey There! :)
Woah crazy Transfer Week!!! Another day and another dollar. Another Crazy week ahead. We had 15 new missionaries come in on Monday. We spent basically the whole week working with all of them and helping them learn the ropes and the mission. Elder Hammond was given a New Missionary so I am now what they calla Grandpa in the mission it makes me feel really old. I dont like it. :( But super cool at the same time. We went out on transfers and took the new missionaries around and helped them get to their areas. Good news the good ole town of Wright is now back open to missionaries, Elder Oxborrow and Elder Klapp opened it up again and are living with members the Farnsworths. Super awesome! I love it! I stinkin love that town.
Oh yeah P.S. That whole deal about me being Un-Black-Dotted didnt happen. :) Super happy. President Layton wanted to get me unblackdotted but I didnt know the long process. He had to write a letter to the first presidency and they said no hahahaha! I am super excited, I do not want to drive but in the words of the first presidency they said: "Please let Elder Rudd know that he is still a good missionary and that he can still be your assistant he will just have to have a companion that is able to drive. :) Hahahaha! Good Stuff!
This week is all the Christmas Tri-Zones. So Me and Elder Pape take off for Casper tomorrow morning with the hawkes (senior couple) driving two vans. Full of the Rapid City Zone us in one van the hawkes in another. On our way own for Martins Cove. Super excited. We are there til tuesday at 1 then we load back up and come back to rapid to sleep and then wake up and head to Sioux Falls to deliver some furniture and sleep in sioux falls and then next morning about 7 am load up the sioux falls zone and then take off to Bismarck to the TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!! We get to do two sessions in bismarck. I am super excited. I literally CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!! :) I love the temple. Its been a long time. :( But yeah :)
I have definitely been super busy and things are going well. But wow. Time is flying. I am so nervous.
I have not got my package yet. I will be looking for them for sure. I will definitely skype again for sure. I am so on it. We will have the same amount of time. Excited! :)
So no more Forgotten Carols????????????????? :( Bummer! But I am looking forward to the new Traditions though Cant wait to experience them.
I stinking love being a missionary just so you know.
Rapid City is such a conservative city and I love it. There are so many Christmas Lights out on Houses and so awesome. I love it. Super awesome city.
I cant wait to see that Church news. I will check it out too :)
I love you all so much. Merry Christmas. You have something coming too :)
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Assistant to the President
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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