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Email 3.14.11

Mi Familia,
How are you all?!!! STOP HAVING BABIES WHILE I AM GONE!!!!!!!! Not cool! I cant believe I will be coming home to a bunch of new ones. This is not cool!!! I cant wait to hear how all of it is going! Funny deal was I read whitneys card and was like huh?? What is she talking about. I paid no attention to riley's or caydens shirt. I just thought that the november 7th was chelseys date for some reason i didnt even think about it. But I did some investigating and was like HOLY BUCKETS! Another one. So awesome though. Congratulations!!! Very excited for you all!
I am trying to be better about writing letters. I am working on it. I am really really working on it. Just trying to make more effective time for everything. But I am glad everyone enjoyed their letters. More are going to be coming.
We have done alot of tracting the last little while and found ALOT of people to teach. Last week we found 9 new investigators. All are pretty solid. So we have a ton of appointments this week. We taught 25 lessons this week. Our zone went on a tear. We taught 116 total lessons to investigators and 180 total lessons we destroyed the mission!! We are doing such an awesome job. I am so proud of every single missionary here in casper. They are working their tails off!! So great. We got a call from the assistants this week to letting us know that president is probably going to open glenrock, wyoming in our zone too. It would be awesome. 9 areas! Yes! We have the smallest zone in the mission but we are still destroying the rest of the mission. I could talk about our zone forever! I would too, we are so proud of them!
Our dear friend elder laufenberg is still here in casper. I have pictures! I promise I am going to send them soon. Havent remembered my camera. But Elder Laufenberg is doing an awesome job. I love this guy. He is learning alot. We have alot in common and just get along really well. I am going to miss him when he leaves which may be never. He has been here for a month now and no signs of leaving yet. :) Being in a tri-panionship is so much fun. Never a dull moment.
Some of our new investigators...
Rob- Used to be taking the missionary lessons and used to date a girl in our ward. He is about 28 or so. Came to the door in a Skils USA Wyoming shirt. So what do you think I talked to him about. Oh yeah! We got to share alot about the gospel with him and me and him instantly hit it off. So we have an appointment with him next friday. It will be awesome though. We are way excited about rob.
Cassandra- Her and her fiance are looking for a church. (2 doors down from rob) we sat and talked to her for about 30 minutes about the book of mormon and how the gospel blesses families. She ate it all up. I was honestly thinking about inviting her to be baptized on the spot. I started to and someone cut me off! It was dumb! But she loved it! We are going to go over on sunday and talk about more. We talked alot about how the church and how parents raise their kids. I got to bare testimony on my up bringing and how I became who I am. But she is excited, we are excited!
Marcus- New guy we tracted into in a trailer court. His wife was killed last year on april 1st by a drunk driver. So its been very hard for him. But we are going into tomorrow teaching him the complete plan of salvation and how it can bless his life and how they can be together forever. Beyond this life. We are way excited for marcus.
Dan- Tried to shut the door on us and tried to get us to go away. But I just kept talking to him and bit by bit he opened the door more and more and talked more and more. I tell ya my talking is my best tool. But it was hilarious. He was such a nice guy and as soon as he started opening up and talking to us we started to talk about more and more. We have an appointment with him this week.
A.J. Motchen- Aj has friends that are LDS and has done some talking with missionaries and hasnt done a whole lot of looking into it. But wants to. Asked us alot of good questions. Invited us back and we will talk to him this week. ;)
Every missionary doesnt like tracting too much but not this elder! Its so awesome.
Curtis Cameron- We have been struggling with curtis to get him and gena to come to church but just havent been able to get them to make that next step. So we went over there and asked him to say a prayer at the end of the lessons and he just broke down and was in tears. It was so good to see him cry. Curtis is progressing and I honestly think he might come to church this next sunday.
Charly- Charly charly charly. Not much else I can say. But he is such a great guy. Said he got his answer too. He was asking god and know his answer was that the lds church was the truth and the way he needed to live but he still doesnt know if thats what god wants him to do. We were like HELLO CHARLY! WAKE UP! So he should be at church next sunday. It will be good.
Edward Tucker- For being an 87 year old man he is so lively and upbeat. He lives by himself. This week we met with him and next week he should be at church. Ed loved church 2 weeks ago. He told us I am just an old man dont bother with me. But we are not giving up on him and he is fine with that. He says well I might have to worry about my salvation now. He misses his wife terribly. But he is fantastic!
Lana- 7th Day Adventist. We just get a headache whenever we talk to her. Its been three weeks since we talked with her but she is still hung up on the 7th day deal. She thinks that god created the calendar. And all. But holy moly thats all she struggles with is the 7th day being the sabbath! Holy canoly. We might have to drop her. She is an artist and says that sh has no feeling when she paints. So we found out she basically does not feel gods love for her but we asked her to pray and ask him to show her that love. Both holy buckets, I wish we had a punching bag.
Trasnfers are on their way! Two weeks! So crazy! I am getting a new companero probably. We will see. But probably. I am thinking that elder cutler will be my new companion. Elder Cutler is awesome. he is over in sioux falls as zl right now.
St. Patricks day is on its way. I am so glad I am not in sheridan next to the drive thru bar. That was insane!
On thursday me and elder hilbun, elder hansen (DL), Elder Woffinden (DL), Elder Drabandt (Trainer) all driving up to gillette for leadership conference. it will be a good one. About 7 hours of meetings! Long but good. So yeah it will be fun. Just for the day and coming back that night.
I got roses on my mission it was funny. We went over to a less active family and their 12 year old came up to me and told me that "she likes my face and that I have pretty eyes" then gave me a rose. It was funny. I was like "thank you" HAHA it was funny. But I got a rose.
I got the coolest thing ever! Its a ping pong set. I got two paddles, 3 balls, a net and all in a nice carrying case all four six dollars! I got it! Its way awesome! You can put in on any table! i love it :)
This past week I had to do a baptismal interview with a lady getting baptized tomorrow and she is so excited to get baptized and very looking forward to it. But I got to the question about the law of tithing and she was like well if it comes down to me paying the electric bill or tithing its going to be electric bill. I got to bare my testimony of how my family got to so many hard times because of our faith in tithing. She had alot of awesome questions about it and I invited her to do so without fail and she said she would. :)
What a wonderful time to be a member of the church what a wonderful time to serve the lord in everything we do. What a wonderful time to know what god wants us to do because of a prophet of god. What a wonderful time to know without fail that god loves us. Count your many blessings, name them one by one. When you are discouraged thinking all is lost COUNT YOUR MANY BLESSINGS.
Follow the prophet he knows the way.
My message today is the church is true!!!!! Dont EVER stray away.
I love you all so much. Thank you for your support and strength. I feel your prayers. I love you all so very much
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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