Monday, March 28, 2011


Mi Familia,

Well welcome to crazy town USA. Casper, Wyoming. I am elder rudd and I will be your guide! Transfers have been nuts. Saturday we got our calls from President. Elder Hilbun is leaving casper and going to Minot, ND. Elder Hardwick from Gillette my old Zone Leader is coming down to Casper to be my companion. Crazy! I know. But its going insane.

Our zone now looks like this

1st ward- elder rudd & Elder Hardwick & Elder Laufenberg
2nd ward- Elder Shumway & Elder Drabandt
3rd ward- Elder Woffinden (DL) & Elder Neff (New)
4th ward- Elder CLinger & Elder Ardnt (Same)
5th ward- Sister Addison & Sister Hetling
6th ward- ELder Call (DL) new & Elder Nielsen
8th ward- Sister Webb & Sister Monson
DOuglas- Elder Hatch & Elder Stucki
Glenrock (NEw area opened) Elder Buchanon & Greenie

We are so excited. Me and elder hardwick plan to lead the zone to even to higher goals. We had a slower week this week. We still topped the mission but for casper it is slow. We need to stay above. I am so proud of all the elders and sisters here in casper!

Sad News about wright. THEY CLOSED WRIGHT!!!! maN! They took the missionaries out of wright and who knows when they will put them back. :( Bummer! But Elder Hammond got transfered to Marshall, MN which is the national headquarters for Schwanns. :) But he is excited to leave. But I am so bummed. Everytime we stop in wright we will have to stop in wright and see people. Elder Hardwick being from gillette and me in wright we are going to have some conflicting times. But oh well.

Laufenberg is still in Casper. Today I checked mail and there was a letter from the mission office I told him it was his VISA he was so stoked but it wasnt. :(

Melissa Henricks- oh my she is going down hill in a spiral she is smoking about 4 packs a day now and yeah. She still wants to bible studies and all but she is not doing well. She plans on leaving casper and getting out though.

We got a call from curtis cameron this past week and he dropped us hard core! :( HE said it was causing a riff between him and his wife. But oh well. Missionaries will come to him again and they will accept the gospel. They live right by a member so we are going to sick a member on them.

Debra- is a new investigator she is starting to read and pray and so far so good we are excited to continue teaching her she lives a mexican style villa reminds me of home so much. ]

Ed- still kicking and has been to church twice now. He is close. He always talks about his salvation and all. So he is definitly progressing.

MArcus- he is having a hard time. his wife was killed in a car accident she was hit by a drunk driver. the anniversary of her death is april 1st. So he is really having a hard time. But we are there for him. LAst time he broke down. He came a gave me a hug though. It is such a good time when we meet with him.

Rob- Such an awesome guy. We met with him on saturday and will meet with him sometime this week.

Oh yeah! Guess who we met with last night. The Johnsons. They are the family who the little girl passed away on Casper Mountain being hit by the snow boarded but they finally came home and Kelly Johnson is looking alot better. Alot of brain damage and nerve damage. But its good. So awesome.

I know its way short. Next week will be longer.

I love you all so much.

Elder Rudd

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