Monday, March 7, 2011

Email 3.7.11

Hey mi famila.

I have been ran crazy. I am emailing from casper because our Zone Leader Council was cancelled due to a crazy storm in Rapid City. We wouldnt of been able to get out of there tomorrow. So we arent having zone leader council. We will just meet for two hours next week in gillette when Leadership training comes. Zone Leader Council is just for the Zone Leaders and we meet in Rapid City at the mission home. Leadership is for all trainers, DL's. ZL's and AP's in Gillette for Rapid, Gillette and Casper. Then another one is held in bismark for sioux falls, fargo and bismark. Lots of meetings.

This week has been a real real struggle. We taught 29 lessons though. Twenty of them to investigators and we just did amazing but it didnt come easy for sure. Alot of trials this week. Specifically in our tri-panionship. Elder Hilbun had a rough week. Most of it started with the Kirkmeyers. Tom and Linda Kirkmeyer are a baptist couple. Way awesome but Elder Hilbun basically condemed tom to hell without knowing it and we went back the next day to apologize after we told him what he said and tom dropped us hard and was yelling and all. Not good. So tough there.

Melissa texted us and told us she didnt want to give up smoking. She wants to change her old life but wont quit the things that put her in the predicaments of her old life. Its a sad deal. But we have an appoitnment with her wednesday night and hopefully we can clear up alot of things. Really really tough though. She didnt come to church this week. So we will see.

The Burkes- DIdnt come to church this week so they cant be baptized of March 26th. Things are falling apart. The last person I taught that didnt smoke was Rachel Biederman in sioux falls! I hate cigarettes and everyone in our mission either chews, drinks or smokes or does drugs or all four!!! Satan is abound in the land. Alot of the time I feel like a therapist! It is so dumb. I want to shut down the whole deal about smoking. Everyone is talking about the kid that died in wisconsin from the energy drink. They want to ban energy drinks. I said before we ban energy drinks lets do Prohibition and no smoking!!!! Drives me nuts!!!

But yes that was my little rant.

Other than Melissa, Kirkmeyes and Burkes. We had a stellar week. We found five new investigators tracting. I think I am attracting the older generation. We brought an 87 year old man to church on sunday. We found him on the formers list. His name is Edward Tucker. Awesome guy. Lost his wife 20 years ago and is very torn up about that. Taught him alot about the plan of salvation and it is all going well. We will talk with him this week more. We tracted into a episcopalian couple and they are also masons. THey have family who are members and they are in their 80's. Very funny. I just love the elderly. :)

Bunns- Oh man!!!! On saturday night me and Brother Hadsel went over to the bunns and the family consists of Jeremy (dad) Mariah (Mom) Maddison (13) Cassidy (10) J.D. (8) I love this family so much! They are my favorite family in Casper for sure. But they are all investigators and have been working with all of them. Jeremy is the one who makes the decisions. Mariah wants to be baptized so do all the kids and we finally made some head way with the family. We visited for a while and I went to start the lesson and talked about christs love and how its a pure love and how we love them and how his love is their in the home and how we feel it. So, I ended the lesson and jeremy stopped me before the prayer and was like. I have to say something. For a while I thought about the church and everything. There is still alot I dont understand but the spirit that I just felt is something that gives me hope and faith that you are a representative of christ!!! Oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited to keep working with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) By the way corned beef and cabbage is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!

Dan & Abby Wright- Investigator couple who is the dryest mormons I have ever seen. We taught them the plan of salvation and they just ate it up. So we will see how the next visit goes.

Transfer calls are on March 26th and transfers are MArch 28th- March 30th. Elder Hilbun might go AP but who knows. He has been out for about 18 months. He goes home in october. But yeah. I dont know. Elder Laufenberg is still with us no news on what will happen with him. But I hope he stays. I love the guy. He is alot of fun. Great teacher!

This past week broke about every zone record ever in the S.D.R.C.M. Oh man!!!! I love being able to work with these elders! They are so awesome!!! We will probably have about four missionaries leaving our zone again. No clue who or where. But I dont know who I will get as a companion either. So we will see. But either way it will be a blast.

Time flies by so fast and so crazy. I dont want to be out a year. Then my time will go by even faster!!! Not cool! I love this work and am so grateful to be a missionary.

This week has been alot of reflection time for me and thinking about my relationship with heavenly father and how I can come closer to him. How i can strengthen my faith in him. I love my heavenly father and I live my life by this quote: "The closest distance between a problem and a Solution is your distance between your knees and the floor" Prayer is so key to all we do. I counted one day and we said 45 prayers one day. Doesnt have to be a full kneeling down prayer. Communicate with heavenly father he wants to give you blessings! HE wants to talk to you. Are you letting him know what is going on.

I think about where my friends are serving their missions: costa rica, florida, phillipines, brazil, dominican and I am in wyoming. But I know and feel that there is only one place I want to be. That is here in the midst of the cowboys and the wonderful people here in wyoming I love this so much. Never thought I would fall in love with wyoming. But it happened. :)

I am a missionary and I love serving the lord. I love you all so very much!!!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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