Monday, March 21, 2011

Email 3.21.11


Well how is my family and friends doing on this awesome day. Casper, Wyoming is warming up. It usually is about 55 during the day. The suit coats come off very soon! YAy! So excited! But the weather is beautuful except the darn wind! Its insane!!! But I love it here like always!!

Tell grandma and Shannon that cards are on their way didnt get a chance to get them out with Leadership Conference in gillette! Sorry about that. But mom thank you very much for your card on St. Patricks Day it meant alot to me.
Being in leadership is always a burden. Dealing with the sisters here in casper have given me so many grey hairs. I found out that one of the sisters doesnt like me at all. They told their DL that "i dont praise them enough" I talked with President about it and he just started laughing. Because as a zone leader you hardly have any communication with anyone in your zone you do everything through your DL's so yeah. Just been dealing with some zone issues. We broke more records this week. The zone is on fire. I think some of the elders and sisters think I am too strict. But oh well. I know how much potential they have and they are seeing it. Me and Elder Hilbun are just two really driven ZL's and we dont expect less out of us so why would we expect less out of them. So just alot of missionary drama their. But things are on the up swing.

Transfer Calls happen this saturday. Elder Hilbun will be leaving casper. I am going to guess my new companion to be either Elder Wolfe or Elder Cutler or a New ZL. Elder Wolfe is in Minot. ND and Elder Cutler is in Sioux Falls, SD as ZL's. Elder Hilbun has taught me alot and we work well together but basically elder hilbun is my elder farmer. We dont mesh well. But I will miss the guy alot. Elder Laufenberg is still hanging out here. Great elder. Had a great companionship invetory on saturday and things are going better within our tripanionship. I had alot on my mind and the other two elders had no idea. I love companionship inventory. It is soooooo good. I will use it in marriage. So those of you dont know what that is Preach My Gospel Page. 150. Its awesome!

we have had everyone and their uncle dropping us this last week. Kelly Burke & Fam dropped us. Curtis Cameron dropped us. New Investigators dropped us. But the lord is still continuing to bless Caper 1st ward area. We found 5 new investigators last week. We broke our goal of finding new investigators for our entire zone a week early for the month of march. Yes! So awesome. We are so excited for the great work here in casper.

Lavaughn- She is dating brother romero. Brother Romero was married to Tammy (Tammy died from Breast Cancer, She is a twin to Tonya Bertanogle in wright) Lavaughn has been coming to church for a month and came up and told us that she wants to join the church so BAM! We will be working with her soon and wanting to talk with her about the lessons and all. We are way excited.

So many great things are happening in the Casper Zone. So many people are excited to work and so many people are excited to go tracting. We are teaching so many lessons tracting these days. get those elders in Mesa to do some tracting. Let them show them how the boys in the S.D.R.C.M. actually work. :) Sounds like they are really struggling. Having 9 lessons a week. THEY HAVE 9 UNITS TO WORK WITH! Holy Buckets! Are they working? I dont want to hear because they are the zone leaders. We have to travel three days a week and we still teach 27 lessons last week with 21 of those to investigators! Come on! :) I will rebuke them on Mothers Day. I cant believe that is almost here holy buckets!

I sent a package home last week with some stuff I wanted to send home. I sent home the original copy of the Book of mormon I got on my misson keep that safe for me that and the big book of mormon and some things that I want yall to have. I will try and be better about sending some stuff home. I have too much junk. :)

Yum!!! I want mexican food sooooooo bad! They have a pretty good restaraunt here but its nothing compared. Man!

Kirk is welcome to break out the DJ equipment. I want 90% of the funds into my swiss bank account. Id #23543575 and the pin is 45624673 you will hear a man named rodrigo answer the phone. When rodrigo answers the phone say "the bird has no wings" he will transfer you to sara and sara will ask for my birthdate and my social. Then you can transfer the money. :)

I love this church so much. I love talking with people about the church and about the gospel. I love seeing people progress in the gospel and to see the light in their eyes when they find out the truth about the gospel.

well Glenrock, Wyoming is closer and closer to being opened. We are so excited! I cnat wait. They have the 2-pound burger which elder rudd is going to take on soon. :) You get your picture on the wall and a t-shirt. So excited! Elder Daltons picture is up on the wall :) I have to represent. :)

I am having such a blast, I am so excited to be on my mission Its definitly the best two years of our lives. :)

Mom, I love you

Dad, I love you

Everyone I love you


I love you so much

Elder Michael C. Rudd

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