Sunday, February 12, 2012

Email 2.12.12

Hey There,
This week we traveled down to Wright, Wyoming and took some furniture down there and were able to help the Elders get settled in a Apartment. I loved going back and seeing everyone once again. Kevin Hansen came over and saw me. The Daltons took us to lunch and The Farnsworths saw me and I was able to see alot of people. I love that town so much. Wyoming has such a special place in my heart. The Elders are doing so good down their too. I love the work they are able to do.
Me and Elder Ellefsen are trying a ton of new finding Ideas too. One of our Favorites is Birthday Cards. On the ward list is the Birthdays of course and for the ones we dont know who have birthdays on that day we go over and share with them a birthday card and are able to share with them a message and we ran into a Athiest lady doing it. This is one of the Differences between me and Ellefsen. The lady started to preach to us and tell us not to believe in god and we both bore our testimonies and told her their is a god and went back and forth a little bit but the lesson was going no where she had told us twice that there is no way that god exist. So, I start to pull out our card and about to say if there is anything we can do for you or if you change your mind call us. But Elder Ellefsen argued with her for another 30 minutes and it just gets no where. He is very aggresive and I am just kinda laid back and dont want to bash and havent really my whole mission because it gets no where.
So yeah, Anyways! The finding has been going amazing. The work has been going amazing. CAN YOU BELIEVE IN TWO DAYS I WILL BE 21 YEARS OLD!!!! WOAH!!! I now have plans for my BDAY. For breakfast the Senior Couple the Hawkes are making Biscuits and Gravy for me and Ellefsen. Then Kassi Blue is taking me and Ellefsen out to lunch and then The Kerns are feeding us dinner at 5 and then the Beaumonts are feeding us dinner at 6:30. HOLY MOLY!!!! I tried to tell people its okay but they would not have it. Oh well. But my Birthday will be awesome. Then afterward me and Elder Ellefsen are going to the Clock Tower Lounge the #1 Bar in Rapid. It will be awesome :)
This week we have three days in our Area and then Thursday and Friday Me and Elder Ellefsen take off with the Hawkes and we head to Gettysburg, SD and Miller, SD and go and Furnish those Apartments. It should take us two days. But we just keep trucking and doing the lords work. I love this!!!!
The mission is going in a really good direction right now and Elder Payne of the Seventy called President and said that Salt Lake is very happy with the South Daktoa Rapid City Mission and told us that we are leading the Central Region. :) Those calls are always good to hear and to be Praised and to know that the Lord is pleased with our efforts. :)
So far as the numbers look we have bout 7 baptisms so far this week. Very good news. We are excited for the work that is being done here in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission.
So Bummer news. We had Zone Conference on Friday and when a missionary is about to go home they have to share their final testimony.... NOT COOL! It seems just yesterday I was in Casper bearing my first testimony. Super Bummed. But it was a good zone conference. The Relief Society Sisters in the Canyon Lake Ward put Anti-Valentines Day stuff all over the Gym. It was pretty funny. Really good stuff.
I love you all so very much and am grateful for all that you do. I love you.
Be Strong, Believe!!!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Assistant to the President
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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