Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Email 2.6.12

Hey Family,
I decided to sit down and knock out this letter. I am sorry for the lack of info the last couple letters. I am really trying to be better. How is my family? I love you guys so much. I love to tell people about my eternal family because our family has been sealed together by the priesthood authority, I can live in peace and comfort as I sleep and as I go out everyday. I am so grateful for the faithfulness of my forefathers to be members of this church and for the faith that I have because of this.
This week here in Rapid City has been awesome. We were able to spend the entire week in Rapid City and didnt have to make any trips.
Story #1
The Beaumonts are the coolest family ever. I reiterate what I have always said, I know I was supposed to serve a mission and find certain people and for sure the Beaumonts are one of them. I love them and know that my life has been enriched by knowing them. They are my mom and dad. We are always over at the Beaumonts. Ron and Wendy were scared that we wouldn't come over much because they were baptized so they asked one of their friends to hear the lessons... Kassi and Chris Jolley. Daughters Audrey (15) Shelby (12) Emily (5). Kassi and Audrey met with us at the Beaumonts on tuesday and we had a great Restoration lesson and were able to share with them and Kassi and Audrey had a million questions. Audrey goes to Saint Thomas More here in Rapid its a Catholic Private school and is super ritzy school but super nice people. Kassi and Audrey hate the Catholic church but love the school. Audrey already wants to be baptized. Chris the husband is apprehensive to us meeting up and all so that is a road block but he just doesnt know what we do he is with the regular lies bout the church so we are clearin those up with Kassi and Audrey but Chris wont meet with us. We invited them to be baptized on tuesday and they said yes but they want to learn more so we are going to continue to meet with them and help them get through all of their concerns and help them follow the example of the savior in all they do. So they are doing super awesome. I love them.
Story #2 We had a very interesting Fast and Testimony meeting it was super crazy. We had a lady come up from Chamberlin, SD about three hours away. She sat right in the front row and she was a bigger lady but she stood up with the microphone in front of everyone and decided to bare her testimony in a very unique one. She had gotten in a car accident earlier that week that involved her rolling the car. So it started out very good. But the bishopbric had the mic turned up way loud and she was just booming and yelling almost. in her words "Brothers and Sisters like Jesus Christ showed his scars and nailprints to the nephites I show you my scars (she then proceeded to take off her shall and show way to much skin) Brothers and Sisters I am alive. I am a witness! Heavenly Father saved me. It was very interesting. We were super glad our investigators were not phased. Ron and Wendy were like "what is going on!!!!!" :)
Story #3
We were at the family the Backens house and she is a single woman with four children. The most hyper kids I have ever seen. They blew my mind. But Sister Backen asked RJ to tell us what was happening to him on the 22nd. And he said.. "I am getting baptized" we asked him how old he was and he said 9. So 9 year olds are convert baptisms so we told him that and so we have appoitnments with him and have worked with him and helped him accomplish that date. So we are having another baptism on the 22nd and Kassi and Audrey and that family should be in March sometime.
The Lord is blessing us so much. My mission has been based off out one quote "thine adversities shall be but a small moment and if thou endures it well, I shall exalt thee on high" I have worked hard on mission and the lord has turned on the faucet and is letting the blessings just pour out among the people of Rapid City.
I love what I have the opportunity to do. To serve the lord my god and to help him accomplish the greatest work. I love you all and am so thankful for all that you do for me.
I love you,
Elder Michael Corey Rudd

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