Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Email 2.26.12

Hey There!
Well another week goes by so so so so fast. Sorry if this letter is kinda scattered brained. Me and Elder Ellefsen came down with some soar throat/ congestion deal.. Not fun. But oh well. The work continues.
We have completed yet another transfer board session and call outs. This week begins Transfers around the mission. We are getting Ten new missionaries. We opened up two new areas in Miller, SD and Watford City, ND Due to the size of the Ward in Williston, ND they had to open up the Williston 2 ward that also covers the Watford City area. So we are sending missionaries up there.
RJ's baptism went really well. Such a good kid. He is alot of fun and has alot of energy. He wore me out going over there. I think it is preparing to be with all my neices and nephews. But funny story... the baptism started at 5:00 and Bro. Hello from the ward was supposed to baptize him and we were waiting there for about 5:15. Bishop calls Bro. Hellor and says you coming? Bro. Hellor thought the baptism was on thursday not wednesday. So we take RJ out to the hall. Mind you there is about 50 people waiting for the baptism. We ask RJ who you want to baptize him me or Ellefsen and he picks me. I went and threw on a jumpsuit and realized oh shoot. Nothing will be dry after this... So I baptize him and dry off as good as I can but the rest of the night I just wore everything wet. It was well worth it.
So crazy story... Brad Porter in my ward we made another connection. Brad Porter married Logan Pearce's wifes sister. SO Sister Porter in the Rapid City Ward is Logan Pearce's wife in our Ward. I think they are in our Ward last time I remember.
Tanya and Zeriah are a couple of new Investigators that are on date for baptism in the Rapid City ward. They were being taught in the Canyon Lake area. They moved over into the Rapid City ward. They are a Native American family. Tanya is about 30 and Zeriah is 10. They are so awesome. Just a rambuxious family. Tons of fun. Great potential. They have a date of March 10th of Baptism. We might push it back though. We really want the ward to step in and help out. So we are working on that.
Weather is starting to get a little scary here. We have the storm of the Season coming to hit the mission this week which might push our transfers back a day or two. It is just crazy though. The last couple days we probably racked up 8 inches of snow here. Some areas of the missions were hit about 16-20. It is hovering about ZERO so good for right now. But the mild winter we have had has come to an abrupt close as of right now.
So good to hear about Gus. I love that guy. Tell him to Write me a letter or send me and email! Thanks for prepping me for Bishop Kleiner. :) I appreciate it. :)
For the Wyoming trip. I am kinda glad we bagged that idea. But we can come to The Mission whenever really. I have not really thought about it to be honest. There is a wedding I need to come back to in June. But other than that. I dont know if there will be any baptisms yet after I leave to come back to. Umm.. I will let you know. I dont really know though.
I love you all so very much!!
Elder Rudd

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