Sunday, March 4, 2012

Email 3.4.12

Crazy week this week. We drove so many miles this week. I love being a Missionary but wow I am just super beat. We had to drive our transfer loops this week. We were gone from Monday to Friday with Transfers. The weather has been crazy across south dakota and North Dakota. We had to cancel our transfers for three days. For three days we had 25 missionaries in Rapid and it was just crazy. There was Ice Storms, Snow Storms and freeway Closings and all the good stuff. This was a crazy storm!!
We had a couple sets of missionaries Knocking doors in our area. One of the missionaries Elder Black has cousins that live in Rapid and we dropped him off in our area where they lived to knock some doors and he had not seen them since he was 5 and the address that he had from his mom was off. The address he had from his mom was 3971 but the address did not exist so he remembered that his mom has dislexia so he went and knocked on 3917 and he looked through the door and saw a picture of his cousin but he hasnt seen him for so long that he was not sure. But someone came to the door and Elder Black asked him if he was Zack and he said yeah and Elder Black was like "I am your cousin" Now we are teaching them and things are going really good. We will probably go and get Elder Black when they get baptized so that he can baptize them. Such a cool story though! WOW!
Bad news on the Mission side.... Elder Oxborrow finall got his VISA and he is out of here tomorrow and on his way to Brazil. I am not a happy camper. I am going to miss the OX. He was such a good guy.
This month is going to be crazy. We will be driving all across this state again and doing exchanges and meetings and all the above. It will be crazy!!! This month will just FLY by. It will be stinking crazy.
Wendy Beaumont bore her testimony today in Fast and Testimony meeting and she said she wanted to bare her testimony on two things the restoration of this church and missionary work and the missionaries. I love them sooooo much. They are going to be down for Easter in AZ and I told them to come by and see you all. SO they are planning on it. I told them to wait a couple more days but they said they couldnt. I was so bummed. Oh well. Crazy!!
So news. Elder Hammond trained Elder Ritchie and now Elder Ritchie is training Elder Barney and now Elder Hammond is training Elder Elmer. So... I am a Grandpa x2 and a Great Grandpa. The Rudd Posterity lives on in the SDRCM. Crazy stuff.
I just love being a Missionary!! I just love it so much. So great.
Mom, I have not gotten my Debit Card yet didnt know if you had sent it and it got lost or anything.
SOrry this is so short. This week was weird. Super busy week but alot of driving.
I love you all so much!!!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Assistant to the President
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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