Sunday, March 18, 2012

Email 3.18.12

Hey Dere All.
Another week flies by just like the rest of them. It is such a bummer to me that weeks just continue to speed on by. I want to press pause and rewind the last two years. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have served the lord in this Labor of Love. I want to let EVERYONEknow that for the last two years I KNOW that the lord has sent me to South Dakota to gather his children from all over the plains. I am so grateful to be a instrument in the Lords hands. I will miss most of all the Mantle of A missionary. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be in one hundred percent service to the lord.
This week has been pretty crazy. We spent most of the week on the road. I know I know shocker right?
But we had leaderships this week. On monday we took off for Gillette and had a great leadership over there. Our training was focused on How to Use the Lords time Wisely to fulfill the Lords purpose. It was a great meeting and were all spritually filled by the spirit. The Lord always knows what is best for his mission and what his missionaries need to know. It will be good to continue to learn and grow. That will be my last training at a leadership. I have done five in my time as an Assistant. For my whole mission I have always had so much to say and want to just spend forever talking and hopefully someone gets something out of it. But I will have one more training at Zone Leader Council in a couple of weeks. It will be great. The works are already in progress.
Got a good story to tell you. Elder Hallstrom of the Presidency of the 70 came into town and it was just great. He wasnt even here for a full day. But he came in to the mission and we were able to be instructed and interviewed by him. It was so funny though. He came into our office to check it out at the mission office and President Layton came in as well. Elder Ellefsen forgot to erase what was on his to-do list. It said "Party" When President Layton came in the office he looked at the to-do list and pointed at Ellefsen and was like what are you doing? Like you are embarassing me face. But President Hallstrom was talking to me and he didnt even notice the to-do list. But President threw us under the bus and was like "Well bretheren tell President what you mean by "Party" on your to-do list. I was like OH NO! So we simply explained to President Hallstrom that what we mean by Party is to enjoy what we are doing here in the mission field. He didnt buy that so he said well maybe choose a word like find JOY. We were rebuked basically by an apostle. It was was a HOLY BUCKETS moment. But other than that we had a great visit with him. We both were able to be interviewed by him individually. He asked us why in the last two years is the SDRCM leading the central area and above the United States in so many categories. It was a really tough question. #1 Heavenly is blessing his children and gathering them into the fold. #2 We are a Preach My Gospel Mission. It was a great opportunity. He is a great man.
What a wonderful opportunity we have to be lead by great men such as this. I know that this church is lead by the savior Jesus Christ himself. But the Savior is a perfect person and a very smart man of course he is going to select only those who have been prepared. How wonderful.
This week was a pretty slow week. We just had a lot of meetings and alot of things that we needed to take care of. It was really hard though this week I had to say goodbye to so many. As we went around the mission it was the last time I will see Elder Hammond and so many. It was tough but thats okay. Its all good. Its in the Lords plans.
Just some little things. For those who will be at the airport. I want whoever to come but people I know of course. Like friends and family. Anyone from the ward. things like that. I dont know I just want to know people there. Thats all. But yeah, I have to come to grips with this sooner or later.
I love you all so much. What a wonderful life. How can you frown at all. We live on a earth made for us by a loving heavenly father through his son Jesus Christ and both of them love us sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! So all ya'll (incluiding me) STOP COMPLAINING!! We got it made!!! I love you!!
Elder Rudd!! :)

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