Sunday, March 11, 2012

Email 3.11.12

Family & Friends,
Wow what a wonderful week. I am enjoying being here in Rapid City so much. If I could explain my mission in three words they would be.. Blessing, Humility and Party. I have had the attitude for two years to let the lord Direct his work and me be worthy and hang on for the ride and let him direct me wherever he would have me go. Most importantly get out of the way so that the lord can do his work. I love my mission just in case you dont know.. :)
But this week has been such an incredible week. We were in town for most of the week. We were here and were able to see alot of people and teach alot of people. It has been amazing. We were able to meet James. James is a older man about 52 years old. He was forced into retirement due to a broken leg that has taken 25 surgeries to fix. On top of that he has diabetes and that really is not good for him. He struggles with that and things are getting better. But he has had to be humbled a whole lot and has been through alot of things so that the lord can reach him. The Canyon Lake elders gave us his name. He had ran them down on the street and asked them to come see him and they saw that it was our area so they gave him to us and yesterday we went and seen him and had such a great lesson with him. We talked for a while and got to know eachother and the conversation went towards the gospel and thats where we stayed for the rest of the time. He asked us he was like "Do you believe that Jesus Christ and God and the holy spirit are the same person. We said no we dont he leaned forward and said "ME EITHER!" He asked another question.. "Do you believe everyone is going to hell?" we said no we dont. he leaned forward and said.. "ME EITHER, in fact I dont believe there is such a thing called hell. We said We dont either. He just flipped out and was like holy moly!! He is so awesome. Such a great guy. We invited him to be baptized and is on Date for April 7th. He is awesome. We are super excited to continue to work with him and further his relationship with heavenly father.
We had Zone Leader Council this week. It is crazy that this Zone Leader Council was almost my last one. I will be here for one more. But, I have been at Zone Leader Council FOREVER. Everyone else this is there 5th or 6th time. It was my 15th ZLC. It is crazy. Crazy Business. But it was a really good meeting. In other news. Elder Hallstrom from the Presidency of the Seventy will be stopping through rapid city this coming week. He will be coming to check on the Mission Home and the Mission Office and make sure all is in tip top shape so that the new mission president will have no problems and all when he comes to rapid in a couple months. So he has requested that he meet with us and president and talk about the mission. So that will be absolutely crazy.
We head out tomorrow for Leadership conferences. We take off tomorrow for Gillette for the 1st one and head off to Fargo on tuesday morning for the other leadership and we will be back in town on Friday from Fargo. The Work just keeps going and we keep working and keep driving. It is crazy. But we just keep going. :) Roll with the punches. :)
Mom, I did get my debit card all taken care of on that end.
We just went and ate at the Beu's home. Their daughter just got back from Mesa on her mission. So we were able to talk about it for a while. It was super cool. Super Super Weird though. She was telling me all these things and I was like WHAT! So Crazy. Super cool stuff.
Elder Ellefsen and I are working alot better. Still working out some kinks but so far so good. We get along alot better.
I cant tell you how much I love this church. I know that this church is the Church of Jesus Christ. He does live and leads his church today. I love getting asked the question why we have church on sunday or why we dont have a cross on our buildings... Think about it with me. Jesus Christ did die for our sins he did and I love him for that. But what signaficance would that of had if he just died? Oh great Christ died for my sins. Brothers and Sisters I am here to tell you yes he did die for our sins but more important than that he was ressurected!!!! He conquered death and lives today. I will thank my savior everyday for him dying for my sins. But I will remember my savior everyday because he overcame spiritual and physical death. He Lives and loves you!
I love you all so very much. The Work continues on in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission. Never a dull moment. Yes my mission is getting short I am reminded of it everyday BUT! I have been called for two years!!! So.. Got me some work to do! :) I love you!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Assistant to the President
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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