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Email 2.20.12

Mi Familia!!!
WOW! What a week. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I know I say that every week. But I DO NOT want you to think any other way. Being a missionary is my calling in life and I will never quit! I love it sooooooooooooo much!!!! We just had the best week ever! I testify to you that I have had the best mission ever and continue to have the best mission ever. Its amazing! I love it!!! :)
Yes I did get my Credit Card signed it and cut up the other. I think I should be getting a new Debit Card soon too. It expires next month. So weird I have had one for so long now.. Weird. Oh well.
My birthday was AMAZING! I loved it! We were sooooo full afterwards!!! HOLY BUCKETS!! I love Rapid City. Everyone is so amazing. So my Bday started off with breakfast of biscuits and gravy at the hawkes and then me walking into the Office and seeing my desk and everything I own wrapped in Tin Foil. The Zone Leaders had come in at 5:30 that morning and wrapped EVERYTHING in tin foil. I mean individual pencils and pens and books and peices of paper. It was amazing. Absolutlely incredible. So yeah, I was coming in to open my presents from Mom, Dad & Kymber and the Mission and their was that tin foil EVERYWHERE so after 50 minutes of cleaning that up, I opened the Presents. I LOVE the mission plaque of all my companions. Elder Ellefsen was so jealous and everyone who sees it is super jealous. Sister Hawkes in the office wants to make one for every missionary now. Super cool though.THANK YOU! Much needed garments too. I loved them!!! Thank you!! Conference has already been used on our road trips this week. Thank you very much. I loved it!! :) Then for Lunch Kassi Blue took us out to my favorite place in Rapid called Sanfords. We will have to go. Its amazin. So that was awesome. Then, we had dinner and the Kerns and then went to the Beaumonts and had Steak, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Taters and gravy. HOLY BUCKETS!!! So good! Loved it! Then for Dessert wendy had no idea that one of my favorite desserts was Red Velvet Cheesecake. She had gotten one of the Red Velvet cheesecakes from CheeseCake Factory at Sams. HOLY BUCKETS so good. I cant wait to go back there!!! Just plain amazin. Then we came home from their after a testimony meeting at the Beaumonts and their was a surprise party for me at the apartment. It was the PERFECT day. Love being a missionary!! Thank you for all you did back home. I enjoyed it so much. But yes, I am 21 Years Old now and it is super weird.
News on the Beaumonts. Guess who went to the temple over the weekend to do Baptisms!!! Ron and Wendy Beaumont thats who!!! So on tuesday we were talking bout them going to the temple that weekend. Ron and Wendy had their moms work to do. So they were super excited for that. Ron said I really want to find my Grandpa and do his work too. So we began to look and call for info on grandpa but couldnt find anything then Wendy got the idea to look in the safe and found basically the entire genealogy for Rons side of the family that they had gotten at a family reunion one year. It was AMAZING!!! So me and Elder Ellefsen looked at each other and were like HOLY BUCKETS.. you have a lot of work to do mister!! It was so cool but! They did go up to the temple but on their way up there they stopped at the Graves of Ron & Wendys Moms and it made the experience so much more meaningful. They said they loved the temple so much. They didnt want to leave and loved the feeling that is there. They have made a plan to drive the 5 1/2 hours it is to Bismarck every month so they can participate in those blessings!! BY THE WAY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IF WE DO NOT MUSTER UP THE ENERGY TO GO TO THE TEMPLE EVERY WEEK WHEN OUR TEMPLE IS 5 MINUTES AWAY IN MESA. YOU BETTER RE-EVALUATE YOUR TIME AND MAKE TIME FOR WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT. GO TO THE TEMPLE AND HELP OTHERS HAVE WHAT YOU HAVE! DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!!! GO TO THE TEMPLE!! NO LIFE IS TOO BUSY!!!!!!!!!!! sorry I get really upset with that one. :) But yes, Ron and Wendy loved it so much. They can not wait to be sealed. Ron was telling me he wants to have a talkin to with President Monson about waiting this whole year deal. :) I love the Beaumonts sooooo much!!!
So news... The South Dakota Rapid City Mission has a New Mission President called... They are Curtis and Marsha Ann Anderson. They are from Gunnison, Utah. They will be here in July. So I will never meet them. But President was told last night and he called us afterwards. Such a weird feeling. I am so glad that I will only have President Jay Glen Layton. I love that man and Admire him. I cant wait for you to meet him and feel of his love. Being his assistant has shown me 8 times the love he has for the lords missionaries. I love to be in meetings when he bares his testimony and testifies of the love our savior has for us and that he has for us. You can feel it oozing out of him. I love it! I love the South Dakota Rapid City Mission, the Lord #1 mission and if anyone wants to argue that with me bring it on!
So Crazy that Gustavo is home. So weird. I am so glad I broke my knee!! I do not want to be home. But I am excited to hear how tavo is. I love him. One of my best friends ever.
Kirk definitley needs to buy those things and make them legit! He would do super good. Probably alot better than his other profession as the no talking DJ. :)
That is so cool that you and Kymber are visiting teaching companions now!! I love that. good work. That is a powerhouse team!! :)
This week we had to move in apartments across the mission so, on thursday morning at 5:30 we were on the road to Miller, SD about in the middle of the state loaded with Dressers, Beds, Pots, Pans and you name it. Then we had to assemble all the furniture and once Miller was done we took off to Gettysburg,SD where we had to do the same thing but for a Senior Couple so there was alot more stuff. But we had a good time and were able to enjoy each other. We went with the Hawkes and it was funny to see them bicker back and forth on how things should be set up. I dont know why missionaries complain about no TV thats better than TV. But we had a safe trip and were able to accomplish alot.
We had an amazing lesson with Joe and Felicia. Joe is a member fromUtah who fell away from the church but wants to get back involved and get going. Felicia his girlfriend wants to be involved and learn more about the church so we are super exicted about that. It was awesome! She had so many questions and were able to teach her not a lesson but her individually. It was great. She should be baptized in March. We have another Mom and Daughter move into our area from Elder Liechty and Elder Kidmans area who are on date for Baptism. Tanya and Zeriah. So they should be baptized in March as well. We have so much work to do. I love when people ask me if I am trunky. I tell them I dont have enough time for that.
Then R.J. is getting baptized on Wednesday!!! WOW. I reiterate what I said Earlier! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!
We got a new Ward Mission Leader today. Brother Pat Beu. Brother Blackhurst is moving in a couple of weeks. I am super bummed. I love that man! But Brother Beu is awesome too!
Well this week starts the process of Transfers. We will sit down on Tuesday and Begin placing 10 new missionaries and moving and seeking the lords help in this effort. it truly is an amazing work.
Brothers and Sisters, Family and Friends. This Church is True! This gospel is true! WHAT ELSE MATTERS!!! Do not rely on yourself and your knowledge. TRUST IN THE LORD!!! He loves us! He wants us to be better. You have a decision in that. You do not have to be so miserable. The Lord is willing to Help.
I love you so much!!!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Assistant to the President
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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