Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Email 10.31.11

Mi Familia,
Elder Rudd here. It is so weird the adjustment being assistant now. There is alot more that we have to do.
6:30- Wake Up
7:30- In the office.
Doing everything President wants us to do. Graphs, Numbers, Talking with Missionaries. Zone Leaders and everything.
5:00- Try to get out and work by 5 usually not til dinner.
Dinner and jam packed nights of appointments. We deal with alot of issues with missionaries. Disobedient ones, Missionaries who want to go home. So we deal with alot of issues in that way.
But every week we are on the road too. Basically we are on the Road or in the Office. Tomorrow we take off for Fargo, ND (10 Hour drive if you wanted to know.) :) Good ole SDRCM. I love this mission.
Elder Pape is quite possibly my favorite companion we have so much fun together. He is such an awesome missionary. He is from Meridian, Idaho right next to Boise. He is the only member of his family. He is a convert of two years. Such an awesome guy. We get along so well. His Mom and Dad are starting to take the lessons too. But they have such a testimony of missions. Elder Pape really believes they will get baptized. It will happen.
He wants to go to Embry Riddle Arenautical University is Prescott too. Way cool. He goes home in January.
We are teaching quite a few people right now.
Kassi Blue- 20 years old. On the brink of baptism!!!
Siobahn Gilleland- Most powerful lesson ever. She felt the spirit so strong she will totally be baptized!! She has two kids too that will be baptized!!
Cheaney Wahlin- Part member family.She is totally nervous ablout baptism because her husband is a total scripture guru. But she will be baptized too.
But there is alot of good things happening in the Rapid City ward.
So the Halloween Party on Saturay for the ward. WAY AWESOME! We totally partied! We had the best Idea ever. We had a Trunk-or-Treat. It was awesome. We decided to flip a bike upside and use the wheels to be like a wheel of fortune thing and took supplies from the mission office like old dvds and pass along cards, pictures and all it was so cool and just a blast. Me and Elder Pape were just screaming and trying to promote it and we totally won best Trunk. Oh Yeah! :) Way fun.
No I do not get more money.
Last night totally took a toll on me. Sunday nights are stinking crazy. Like No Joke! I had to put every number in for the whole mission. Like every area. Every number. All 17 numbers for every area. All 58 areas!!!!! Then I had to save each of the 6 zones numbers in either a PDF file or a regular exel file and send them to Elder Payne of the 70. Every Stake President. and so much more. Then we have to make a report for President Layton too. It took me from 4 pm to 11pm. HOLY BUCKETS!!! I was SO tired. But I did it all. :) So thats every sunday night for me. Elder Pape does something completely different. But, I have like a holy bucket load!
I love Rapid City though holy buckets its awesome! I love being in a big town. I love Rapid City.
I love you all so very much!
Sorry it took me so long today. I think that there will be alot of that. But know that I love you and will do everything I possibly can.
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Assistant to the President
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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