Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Email 11.7.11

Holy buckets! Super Long week. We have been super tired the last couple days. I had three blood vessels break in my eyes. I have been super tired! We took off to Fargo, ND and had a good time. But it was super long and super tiring. I love the missionaries and am so grateful that we can serve them in this calling.
Me and Elder Pape have been doing really well the lord has blessed us so much and I am so grateful for him and all he does. I love that man and he has such a wonderful conversion story and an awesome testimony. We work so well together. The lord is defnitely blessing our efforts and President Layton is very happy with the team. :)
We are in constant communication every day with President Layton and we plan and work with him 24/7. What a great man and I am so thankful for all that he does. He and Sister Layton work so hard. Sometimes President has to fly to Fargo or certain places of the mission because of the size of the mission. He and Sister Layton had been gone for two weeks and just got back they do that basically every month. We are so grateful for their love and support and their guidance.
So mom, I just found out some news about my return date mom. So, really weird I dont know for sure but, I was looking on the computer and saw my return date as May 3, 2012. Its a thursday. Dont know if that is doctrine or not. But if its in this program its probably correct. But, it really got me scared. Its very very weird. I go home by myself. Its really really weird. I do not like it at all! But there ya go. You have me home for mothers day. :) So, Christmas will be our last talk. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I honestly would love a print out of all my neices and nephews and there ages and whose kid they are. I have NO CLUE ANYMORE. But if you could that would be awesome. :)
I can not believe that Elder Romney comes home so soon! So crazy!
I did meet a sister mccormick. I will personally greet every new missionary as soon as they land in Rapid. So that will be fun. Speaking of that we have an Elder coming her from Mesa who was serving in Russia and cant learn the language so they are moving him here so he will be in Rapid at 10:30 tomorrow night so me and Elder Pape and probably going to fall asleep on the chairs out there. But we are excited for a new elder. Sister McCormick has the best trainer in the world. Sister Hunt is awesome. Member all that struggle we had with them when i was ZL in gillette. Now they are teaching 25 lessons a week and doing amazing work.
Tell Cayden that I am going to wrestle him for my room. And I dont lose. :) I cant wait to play with my buddy. me and Elder Pape got our headbands with the feathers on them. We are wearing them around the office. Lots of fun. I really enjoy the office crew. We work super hard.
Gues what! We have someone on date! Denise Rafnson Oh yeah! December 3rd!! So awesome! Also the lord blessed us with 8 @ church on sunday!
- Siobahn
-Trenton (7)
- Briana (9)
- Ron & Wendy Beaumont
- Connor
- Denise Rafnson (December 3rd)
- Cheny Wahlin
- Jenny (members gf)
I am so thankful for all that the lord blesses us to do in this labor to serve him. President Layton taught me a great lesson this week. I want all of you to focus on your testimony right now. Think of where the basis of your testimony is. Is it centered on Jesus Christ? The basis of our testimony has to be centered on Jesus Christ. Way Way too often our testimony is a testimony of appendages. The book of mormon, the restoration, temples everything is because of our savior Jesus Christ. So when we bare our testimony we need to testify of the divinity of the savior jesus christ.
I love you al!!
Keep those letters coming! I love them! Please!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Assistant to the President
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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