Friday, November 18, 2011

Email 11.18.11

Sorry it took me so long to write the email this week! It was a crazy hectic week. We have been all over the place. We had to drive down to my old stomping grounds... Casper, Wyoming! Oh man it was so good to be back the only thing that was a major bummer was it was super windy and super cold. Just how Casper always is. So its super crazy! So yeah, I have made so many connections this week! Frank Thomas- Totally knows Grandpa Rudd so we are going to lunch this week and he is going to tell me all about grandpa when they were in the Air Force together. I started to cry when he said he knows Melvin Rudd. It was super super cool! So, Dad, I dont know if you have ever heard of Frank Thomas or know him. I can kind of remember Grandma saying something about Frank Thomas but maybe I am crazy. But It is super cool. I wanted to get a copy of Grandpa's life history too if I could. Please! Brad Porter- Totally knows Kymber's family and all that jazz. That is way cool that she called you too mom. His wives mom knows Kirk & Sharon too. Her name is Karol something. Sister Porter lived in Kirk and Sharon's ward. I am sure that they know them so give Kirk and Sharon a call too. Super Cool! But HOLY BUCKETS! I love Rapid City super much! The Exchange in Casper was super good. We took off Tuesday after Zone Leader Council. We headed out to Gillette and the Weather was great. Then we hit Wright and the Weather turned like CRAZY! We drove through a BLIZZARD and a couple White Outs. Super crazy. But we drive a truck. So we got through really well. We took it careful and took it about 30 mph most of the way to Casper. So, it was really good. Really Nice. As soon as we got to Edgerton, Wyoming. Little town of about 160 people the weather cleaned up and it was safe travels the next 40 miles to Casper. When you come into casper you can see Casper Mountain and the City Lights for like 30 Miles. Its so gorgeous. I love it their. When we tour the mission it will be summer so it will be awesome. But holy buckets i love it here. We just got back from a place called Story Book Island. Its an amusement park with a bunch of characters and all for the kids to play on and its free. its super cool. I loved it. It was right before I got their. All the missionaries helped and the stake helped. It was awesome. So tonight was a special premiere for the church only. So we had all of our investigators come. Super awesome. Siobahn- She is sooooooo close to being baptized she is doing everything with the church i.e. womens group lunch, appointments, just doing awesome her fellowship family the ostlers such an awesome group of people just super solid! They just moved here three months ago from Italy. Brother Ostler is a physical therapist in the Air Force. So he is out at Ellsworth Air Force Base. But she is doing super well. She loves the church we have invited Siobahn a couple times to be baptized and she has a problem with Priesthood Authority. But I think she just is a little nervous. She will be baptized!!! Kassi Blue- Super cool girl. She is scared to come to church but promised us that she will come to church and sunday and we will be having a party at a members house for her basically. So we have a couple girls her age coming she is twenty so we have them coming over and its going to be a party!! Ron and Wendy Beaumont- Super cool. Wendy is a hair stylist so she is going to cut me and papes hair on monday. I am going to have her do my eyebrows too. But their daughter lives in queen creek and I am going to get her number and address so, my sister whitney can hunt her down and be best friends and so that we can do a team effort in this battle!! :) I stinkin love Rapid City. I enjoy being an assitant too. Yeah, we are constantly busy and going crazy. But I enjoy it. It has been wonderful to be with President and Sister Layton. On monday we pick up Sister Layton and a couple of their kids and families at the airport in the Transfer Van. So Awesome! Super Fun! To be honest we dont get to do much teaching but the teaching that we do is the most effective and the right people. Also, on June 16 is Thomas Brouers (Recent Convert) & Tina Holloways Wedding they want me back for that. But it will be super fun. I love all the people here in Rapid City. They are awesome!! :) I seriously want a list of all my nieces and nephews. I seriously have no clue who is who! :) I see little ones like cayden and my heart just breaks. I miss all of them so much! Cant wait to meet these new ones! Super fun. I would love to see shannon and her sisters perform. Thats so cool. Tell them good luck. On Thanksgiving we have three dinner appointments. We will be up at the mission home at 1 and then 3 at Thomas & Tina's and then 6 at the Jensens. It will be a party. So much food. I have lost weight since I have gotten here. Super Cool! I will gain weight on thanksgiving for sure :) Thank you for all you do. I love you so much Jesus is the Christ! He is my Redeemer! He lives! I love you! Love,Elder Michael Corey RuddAssistant to the PresidentSouth Dakota Rapid City Mission

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