Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Email 11.28.11

This one will probably be a little short.
I am very hard to hear of the passing of Grandma Rudd. It really hit me hard. I read that email this morning and was somewhat saddened by the news of her passing but I think the only reason it was is because it is common I think. But, I am very happy for her. She finally gets to be with her Eternal Companion. No more struggling, no more pain. All for her and her eternal salvation. Good news. I was bummed because I wanted to talk Rapid City with her. But, I am super excited. If there is anything I can do for the funeral let me know. You can just call the mission office whenever. We are always around. Sister Hawkes will let me know. But yeah.
My knee is swelling up pretty well. But its fine. It will just take some time for it to be completely healed up. Taking it easy and wearing a knee brace constantly. If it does have to do something with surgery I am looking for a really good brace to due me til I get home. So, we will see. But as of right now, totally fine. No big deal. :) Dont worry!!!!!! Please dont worry!!!!!
Good Ole Rudd Thanksgiving!! :)
So much good things happening in Rapid City. Elder Rudd & Elder Pape are taking this city down!!!!!! We have three on date!
-Denise Rafnson! Super excited! Loving the gospel so much. So excited for this saturday. She is going to do so well. Super solid!
-Kassi Blue- December 17th. She told her parents last night and it did not go well!! Her mom freaked and was like what the!!! So her mom wants her to wait a month and her mom wants to learn for herself. So today I got a text from the Referral center at the MTC and it was her mom!!!! So her mom asked for a book of mormon but said please do not contact me. So we have a plan to have all the members involved in Kassis conversion write their testimonies and we are going to put them in a book of mormon. But just not any book of mormon. My momma's book of mormon with her testimony inside!! Super excited!!!
Cheany Whalin- Trying to help her quit smoking. SHe has been taught for a while but no luck yet.
Also, Gillette called me today and Kim Crowder and her girls are getting baptized on saturday too so me and Elder Pape will load up and go to that baptism. Kim wants me to baptize her so I am super excited. It is going to be such a baptizing day because we will load up and go back to baptize denise!! Super cool!!
I love this gospel.
I am looking forward to getting the GPS info.
I love you all!!
Elder Michael Corey Rudd
Assistant to the President
South Dakota Rapid City Mission

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